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Sep 8, 2006
Ok, I'm leaving this unlocked, anyone can contribute, and the combined data will eventually be placed in the FAQ topic.

This is for Digimon Story [glow=blue,2,300]MOONLIGHT[/glow] Version only

Please post what to do from start to end all plotline events, what to do, where to go, who to fight. Please do this IN ORDER. Ie, whoever posts first should be posting the start of the game and so forth with the last poster posting about the last bit of the game.

If there are multiple gamepaths you can choose, please make it clear at the top of your post which option you selected to take that path. If you can get pictures, even better.

If there are sidequests like in Story, post the quest number, who asks for it, what you have to find and where you need to go to find it.

Posts not relevent to walkthrough information will be deleted


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Sep 10, 2006
Okay, guess I'll start. Warning: Story inaccurassies, exaggerations, and fanciful rantings abound when I get too lazy to try and translate.

After you start the game, you're prompted to choose your character's sex and name. In Sunburst, depending on what sex you chose, your rival is one of these two characters, opposite sex of who you started with. So in Sunburst, if you chose the male character, as far as I know, you have to fight Sayo.

Well, continuing along. Choose which starter pack you want. Doesn't really matter, they're all going to end up as level 1 Child digimon anyway soon. After you pick your starter pack, you're prompted to nickname your digimon, starting with Lunamon, then the digimon on the left, then the one on the right. After that, you get a nice, long-winded cutscene with Commander Julia and Chaos Dukemon.
She goes off for about 10 minutes on battles and that you can fight with three monsters at a time, and that you'll be fighting in a battle tournament. Chaos Dukemon chimes in something violent, probably about showing those damn Light Fang bastards what you're made of, and if you lose, he's going to violate your horribly.

After this Newton (the dweeb with the ugly blue hat and glasses) goes off rambling about something about 1 battle... and Doroshii starts going off girlishly about something else. Newton decides to drag you with him and Doroshii to KICK SOME ASS. After you leave, Punch/Panchi yells something about Newton and him and his cronies ninja off into the night... and Julia is just like "WTF..."

Well, your group runs into some red-headed guy, a Guard Tamer or something. Newton apparently finds "this thing" and then Doroshii goes off talking about MP, your character sort of... smiling and nodding, not knowing what's going on. Then... BATTORU!!!! You versus a level 35 Kokuwamon. Kill it. Hard. You can take it out in two hits tops, one usually.

After the extremely one-sided fight, Newton goes off on how cool you are (I think) and after that, an earthquake. A bunch of Evilmon appear, and they want to kick your ass. Doroshii tells you about your ITEM menu and that you have items that restore HP and ones that restore MP. Kick the Evilmon's ass.

Some more dialogue I'm too lazy to translate, Doroshii asking something about Commander Julia. After she shuts up, walk down and around to the other evilmon. the red-headed idiot, Raigou. He's all "Yo, Player, you suck, leave this to a Gold Rank Tamer... and you're stuck walking away. Go back to the left. A bunch of little Night Claw members are surrounded by Evilmon. Abuse them horribly and move on. They thank you for saving their pathetic hides. I proceeded to ignore them after this. Head down the path back to where Julia was.

Julia is seen dispatching some Evilmon (laughing at how easy it was). After they're done chitchatting, a red figure in the bottom right warps away. Chaos Dukemon goes off cursing that the thing took off. Guess what... Julia decides to send you to Shine City.

Shine City Tournament
Okay, apparently there's a Tournament in Shine City for Normal rank tamers. After you break off from the group, you're by a help desk and surrounded by digimon. Feel free to pest any of them freely. If you go up and left of the desk, you get to talk to some of the Light Fang members cheering on the current battlers (your rival and a random loser from your team whose digimon like to continuously walk into each other). Whenever you want to go to the next cutscene, go back to the help desk and head right, past Chrysalimon. Most of your team and Julia are there. She and Chaos Dukemon explain to you about the Normal Rank Tournament, and basically tell you to go beat the hell out of some Light Fang losers.

Head straight up right to talk to the Referee. He's got light blue hair and purple sunglasses, and behind him is a warp panel. Unfortunately, you can't step on it yet. If you want, talk to your team mates if you can figure out what they're saying, or just go straight back to the Help Desk area. There, Julia and Commander Glare (leader of Light Fang) are all over each other... well, not really, they're just talking, but they're THINKING about it! Julia and C.D. basically say how awesome you are, even though you're a normal rank tamer (aka, you suck, but they love you anyway...). Glare is pleased to meet you, and so is Ophanimon... I think.

Your rival then comes out [Kou (male), or ??? (female)] and laughs at how he just abused your teammates, not that you cared about whoever got owned anyway. After some more talking, Glare and company leave, while Julia stares at his ass all the way out the door. Now, follow Julia back to the Night Claw meeting room and go back to that warp portal. After talking with the referee, you get two options. The bottom one says "Iie, madaikemasen." (No, not ready) and the top one, "hai, batoru teeji bi ikumasu" (Yes, I want to go to the battle).

Here, your opponent (Kou for me) has Angemon, Rise Greymon and Coronamon. Strangely, Angemon dies faster than Coronamon. The battle goes by quick if you chose the pack with Skull Greymon and Were Garurumon Virus in it. After you own both of them and are taken back to the meeting room, walk out ot the Help Desk for another cutscene of Julia and Glare talking. After some congratulations for winning the match, Glare walks off. The evil hooded red dude follows in through. Julia and C.D. notice and take off after them. Obviously, follow them.

well, whatever that red due was, he got away, and after a briefing (I think, my brain is fried from exhaustion at the moment), you're free to wander Dark Moon City. Head out of the Julia's area and to get to the next cutscene, travel in a backwards "C". Go east, then northwest, then southwest. After a talk with your team mates, you get to go visit Phascomon, who gets to be your little tech guide. He's so cuuuute ^_^. Sadly, you're all sleepy, so he suggests you take a nap in the bed.

Yeah, so while you're sleeping, there's lots of little cutscenes with boy and girlscouts talking about you behind your back. Well, there's an earthquake and a freakish, laughing egg breaches City Security and proceeds to revert all digimon to DigiTama (except yours, they just get bumped to Child level) and wreak havoc all over the City. Phascomon wakes you up and tells you to get your ass in gear and go OWN ITS ASS. After you leave Tamer Home, everyone is zapped or turned into DigiTama. You can talk to people if you want, but just rush to the portal to Julia's quarters (it's the light aqua-colored one all the way on the far right past the Quest building).

After you get there, Julia and C.D. are out of commission, and the evil egg of doom goes after you. It's an easy fight, just kind of tedious. It has a lot of HP (compared to how much damage your attacks do), so it takes a while. Good thing the evil egg doesn't do much damage. Don't worry if your digimon get knocked out, just take care of Lunamon. She'll end up doing almost all of the damage while your other two partners flail about uselessly.

Um... What now? Farm?
Okay, after you royally own its ass, talk to some people beat your ear, explore Dark Moon City a bit. I suggest taking a trip back to Tamer Home (purple portal) and talking to Phascomon a bit. After that's done, if you so wish, you can pick up some stuff at the item shop across from the Tamer Home portal and pick stuff up. Most likely by now, you can activate your farm. You'll get a little tutorial by Toy Agumon (then taken over by Phascomon) explaining about your DigiFarm and the Farm Shop. You then get a Basic Farm for free... and Phascomon sings adorably. PHASCOMON OWNS YOU (and Kurata)!

Okay, back to common sense now. If you want (after getting a few healing items for your hellish trip), go back to Tamer Home. There are two PCs, one with a digimon logo (where you handle scan data, jogressing, deleting digimon) and the other one. The other one is your Farm PC. You can move digimon between your party, computer and farm. Be warned though, that your farm does NOT produce food on its own. You need to buy farm equipment that does it now.

Now, time to go the field maps. ALL the way on the right (well, with the way everything is tilted, southeast) is the orange portal. That leads you to a small area where you can access the field maps. If you didn't visit here before, your team mates talk about something, then warp off. I suggest you save about now...

Next Post...


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Sep 10, 2006
Digimon Hording
If you want, feel free to try the forest map. It's short, easy to navigate, has easy digimon to kill and items lying around you can use for the Sewer. Remember, items are in the orange boxes. If you picked the starter back that gives you the virus Agumon and Goblimon... now would be a good time to devolve to Tsunomon to get Gabumon. He gains an attack quickly that hits twice.

Chip Forest Digimon (round 1!)
- Tanemon
- Chocomon
- Gumimon
- Kunemon
- Mushmon
- Bearmon
- Tentomon

Make sure to get some scan data for digimon an after you level up some, go convert the scan data. It's the first option on the Digimon PC. To move them to your party, go to the DigiFarm PC. I believe it's the second option that lets you move your digimon. Select their name, then use the L and R buttons to move them to wherever you like.

I'm Knee-high in WHAT!?

Okay, time for the sewer. This will drive you out of your mind and make you want to cry. It involves FREQUENT battles against higher-level opponents and lots of dead ends.

Underground Tunnel Digimon
- Kapurimon
- Toy Agumon (Virus)
- Hagurumon
- Betamon
- Kotemon
- Raremon (BOSS)

When you first enter, try and go right and UP. It'll lead you along a path that EVENTUALLY leads you to a vertical pipe with a red handle. Press A when in front if it and it'll give you a message (The Valve was closed). Good, one more to go. Go back the way you came and go along the other path. It's not TOO complicated. Just make sure to go down instead of right (I think that's a dead end too, I forget. You'll need to explore all of it, eventually.

Just amble aimlessly past pipes. You'll eventually find another set to turn past the ones you turned off before. I'll make a map for it later when I unlock it in Sunburst. The field maps are the same.

After you get to the end (you will have probably wasted Lunamons MP by now. I battled until she leveled up to restore her HP and MP), you'll find two of your team members facing off with Raremon, who is pissed for whatever reasons. Kick his ass, he's not too hard. Lunamon's water attack (first one) does decent damage against him. After you kick his ass, use the portal up ahead to go home. To heal, you need to warp to Tamer Home (which is a pain in the ass, considering the walk).

Now, you can go to the Quest Building, where you see Kabukimon giving someone else a tutorial of the place.

Quest? What's that?

Here's how Quests work. You have Main storyline quests and then you have regular quests. When you talk to one of the digimon at the counter, they give you a list of quests that you've completed for them (and the requirements) and quests that are available. Piemon is in charge of main storyline quests, and these will become available as you complete sidequests (or cancel them, as some people have figured out).

Other than Piemon, the four other digimon there assign quests given by digimon of their type. So, Vamdemon will give you quests only requested by Dark type digimon, Lilymon by Plant/Bug, etc. So, go up and talk to any one of them (I talked to Lilymon first). She shows you some quests. The digimon who requested help is listed on the right (which really helps figuring out who you need to hunt down in the city) and their request is to the right. After choosing that quest, the icon on it changes to "PLAY", which means that the quest is active.

Now, go into the city and find that digimon (if you can't read katakana or hiragana, just talk to every digimon of the type of the digimon who assigned it to you). After you find and talk to that digimon, you'll hear a chime sound. Now, go to the Field maps and "QUEST" will be hovering over whatever area you need to go to. Warp there. Quests early on either involve talking to an NPC, beating the shit out of an NPC, or opening random chests, usually in a small area of the map. Once you fulfill one of the requirements, you'll hear that chime sound again. Feel free to warp back home now (sometimes you have MORE requirements to fulfill, so depending on if you bothered reading instructions or not, you MAY need to go back. After you get back, talk to that digimon again, hear another chime, then go to the Quest Office to collect your reward, and possibly schedule more quests. As you complete more quests, more field maps open up, and Piemon eventually has more storyline quests, which as far as I can tell, are always assigned to you by Commander Julia.

Hiking time!!

Okay, after you've done a few quests, gotten some money and items, you can play around a bit with your farm. Get a food-producing item for your farm, and maybe a training item (I got the stepper for speed) and go back to your Farm PC in Tamer Home, put it in your farm (figure it out yourself, I'm too lazy to remember), then put one or two of your digimon you aren't using in it, if you haven't already. I'm not particularly sure how much food the initial berry bush produces, and how much each of those little digimon eats, but two is definately safe.

Now for some fun. By now, you should have unlocked the third (not sure...) Story quest from Piemon. The other two seem to have already been done from earlier. After you accept this quest, head to your map (make sure you have a few healing items. If you're a cheap bastard like me, you probably have close to 20 150HP Single Chips by now... if so, you're perfectly fine. Go to the Field Map and head towards the mountain where your quest is.

Mountain Digimon
- Monodramon
- Koromon
- Piyomon
- Hawkmon
- Sand Yanmamon
- Shellmon
- Tokomon
- Patamon
- Agumon
- Grimmon (BOSS)

The digimon here are really good. I suggest you get enough scan data for at least Patamon or Tokomon before you head out. The map here isn't too confusing. I just wandered around and found myself at the boss fight in only about 15 minutes, not counting most of the battles. When you get to the area, you'll find that ugly ass egg that trashed the Night Claw HQ. It evolved to Grimmon and summons a Shellmon (I think it was a Shellmon... might have been a Nise Drimogemon, I forget.) Beat the hell out of it. He then summons three Sand Yanmamon, but a few of your buddies from HQ come and take care of them for you while you violate Grimmon in unspeakable ways.

Grimmon is an adult and level 33. By now, I had evolved my main team to Adult (Lekismon, Monochromon, Garurumon). He takes up three spaces on the field, and doesn't really do that much damage, but he has a lot of HP. Whore out your multiple-zone and double-hitting attacks and just wail on him. He'll be dead soon enough. As always, the exit portal is pretty close and when you get home, Julia talks and talks and TALKS. You can then go about your business and do more side quests until you unlock the next story quest.


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Sep 10, 2006
Okay, You Can Cry Now

On your next story quest, you get to go to the SWAMP. If any of you played Digimon Story, you remember that hellish place... with the whirlpools and the backtracking and not knowing where you'd turn up... This swamp is THREE TIMES BIGGER. It took me two days of frustration to get to the end. A neat trick to use here is on your touch screen, you can sort of "drag" the screen back and forth a bit to see a little father than usual. This will help keep you from going down too many dead ends.

Swamp Digimon
- Poyomon
- Shellmon
- Yanmamon
- Otamamon
- Gekomon
- Igamon
- Numemon
- Kamemon
- Seadramon
- Skull Baluchimon (BOSS)

Okay... this place is pure hell. I can't even remember HOW I got through it, but I ended up back and the beginning no less than five times. This place gives good exp though, since you're constantly bombarded by adult digimon.

Well, either way, at the end of the road (yeah, yeah, I'll make a map when I catch up to my DS moonlight in my rom moonlight. Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL if I could screenshot with the DS? Yeah, it would.), you see Skull Baluchimon.

Well, I don't really know what his problem is, but you're in for one hell of a fight. Perfect, level 41, multiple-zone attacks that can hit twice per turn, and also ones that poison your entire party. Lekismon's double-hit attack that usually induces sleep... doesn't put HIM to sleep. A bitch, I know. Just keep hitting at him. If one of your digimon is in danger, switch it out, the exp you get from him is ENORMOUS. Just keep hitting at him. He has a few thousand HP (I'll count it the second time around) and if your attacks generally did about 150 damage to normal digimon... they do about 80-90 to him. He takes up the three middle zones, so use as many multi-zone attacks as possible.

When you're done pummeling him, he realizes "Ohshit, you're a Union Tamer aren't you?" He gives you a nice quest item, and after talking some more with you, he leaves and you get to return home to report to Julia.