MMPR 82 "The Ninja Encounter (part 1)" Script (Scans)


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Jun 1, 2007
Release Notes (Release link and more under release notes)
MMPR 82 "The Ninja Encounter, Part I" Final Draft Release. Things of note: Aisha's name is repeatedly misspelled. The Hasper City Ninjas are simply named "Bullies". Jacob's attitude during his stroll downhill is stressed to be happy and excited, which didn't translate at all thanks to the kid they cast in the role. Instead of Aisha and Kim both saving Jacob, Kim does it solo here. The cave Anderson and the new trio are held at is called Dimension of Despair instead of "Cave". All lines by Jason, Zack, and Trini are denoted to be "stock", as if replacement ADR guys weren't considered yet. A short Goldar vs the Jetting Rangers aerial dogfight stands out as the biggest cut scene.

And as an added bonus, the only three pages (plus cover) that I have for MMPR 81 "Opposites Attract" 3rd Draft. There's not much groundbreaking in it, sadly (aside from a last minute change to 81 from 80 to allot for the Halloween episode), though out of context, these pages are pretty hilarious on their own... especially the last scene.


These Release Notes are included in the zip file with the script, please do not remove it, and please also link back to WtW, and preferrably the release thread for this download.

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