MMPR 52 "Two Heads are Better Than One" Script (Scans)


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Jun 1, 2007
Release Notes (Release link and more under release notes)
MMPR 52 "Two Heads Are Better Than One" Final Draft Script Release. Kinda close to the final version, but as with any script that isn't the shooting one, you'll still get some differences. Biggest one being the Two-Headed Parrot's favorite food (listed as "giant kiwi" instead of "pamango"). There's a little extra scene involving Bulk & Skull playing with the fruit (which was indeed shot and I have the footage via some dailies). And despite the action figure naming of Pete and Repete, the monster's two heads are not given individual names.

All this, and JDF's acting inflections. It's double the pleasure, triple the fun!


These Release Notes are included in the zip file with the script, please do not remove it, and please also link back to WtW, and preferrably the release thread for this download.

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Download the Script Here