Michihiko Ohta Performing Target, Algomon (Child) Profile & Art, Plus Volcano Ota Art & Adventure: Wallpaper


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Sep 8, 2006
A few small updates...

More from Michihiko Ohta on Youtube! This time it's Target -Akai Shougeki- the opening theme to Digimon Adventure 02.

He is again joined by Momota Tadamasa, who has been on a few of Ohta's videos recently (all recorded at once.)

Previous Digimon songs done by Ohta on his Youtube:
Brave Heart from Digimon Adventure
An Endless Tale from Digimon Frontier
Believer from Digimon Savers

Various elements below this may have spoilers for episode 2 of Digimon Adventure:.

Then we have a small reference book update...

From the most recent episode of Digimon Adventure:, we get a reference book update for Algomon (Child), along with some decent resolution art of him from the Digimon Web Twitter.

Rough quick translation of the profile information:
Level- Child
Type- Mutant
Attribute- Virus
Techniques- Brute Knuckle and Imprisonment

Algomon appears like this while in it's child form. It watches over young Algomon, and as enemies approach will intercept them. It strikes using the balls on both tentacle hands with 'Brute Knuckle' or will restrain the enemy with unwound tentacles using 'Imprisonment'.

Then last up, 2 more bits of Adventure: related art.

First up, artwork from Volcano Ota!

This was what he previously teased, and with the image was some text:
Digimon Adventure: Episode 2
Today I watched it on television(^_^)
After seeing it again, the development in the second episode is amazingšŸ’¦
Knowing the episode 2 subtitle and finding out the suprising twist, I was surprised during dubbing, I ended up doing "Something". What it was was "I drew Omegamon on the script!"
I'm looking forward to next time also(^_^)

Last up, a promotional tweet advertising that Adventure: had begun to show up on digital services in Japan, they posted a nice 1920x1080 version of the Adventure: key art with no text on it with all the characters laid out for the aspect ratio the image was in.

Just thought it was worth the quick share for anyone who had a 1080p screen and wanted a nice wallpaper.

Nice collection of a handful of fun things!



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Apr 28, 2019
Seattle, Washington
being a fan of this franchise while every aspect of it is in a huge renaissance is such a nice silver lining during this global crisis. I really can't thank the Digimon teams enough šŸ’™šŸ§”


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Nov 3, 2017
"Dumb old stupid texas"
Hope we get the full argomon/algomon line in the series, I've always loved his ultimate/perfect form