MegaloGrowmon X & Option Card Atomic Megalo Blaster Preview for Booster Set 9


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with card previews from Booster Set 9 X record. This time it's MegaloGrowmon X & option card Atomic Megalo Blaster.

MegaloGrowmon X has some nice new artwork from longtime Digimon artist As'Maria, with a familiar face in the background. The art has the general style that's often associated with X Digimon, generally due to how often As'Maria is drawing them.

Atomic Megalo Blaster features MegaloGrowmon X doing one of his signature attacks, in a nice cartoony style.

Update- They removed the tweet, then later reuploaded them. The MetalGrowmon X card looks to not have had some finalized effects turned on. The 'updated' version is the one on the left, with the original upload in the center.

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Booster Set 9 X Record will be out on February 25th in Japan.

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Apr 28, 2019
I'm sleep deprived but I totally thought the space between WarGrowlmon's chest was the inside of his mouth, giving it the dorkiest expression.

WarGrowlmon X
This card can Digivolve from [WarGrowlmon] for 0 memory
[When Digivolving] Until the next time your opponent's turn ends, 2 of your opponent's Digimon gain "[On Deletion] Lose 1 memory.". Then, if this Digimon has [WarGrowlmon] or [X-Antibody] in its digivolution cards, choose any number of your opponent's Digimon whose total DP adds up to 6000 or less and delete them.

Atomic Megalo Blaster
[Main] Choose any number of your opponent's Digimon whose total DP adds up to 10,000 DP or less and delete them.
[Security] Activate this cards [Main] effect.

Sparrow Hawk

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Feb 23, 2007
Ehhh?! As'maria drew MegaloGrowmon X?! I instantly believed that art style belonging to Naochika or Kaz until I confirmed this...