Media Updates- tri. BD & DVD Box Amazon Exclusives & Encounters Themesong Release


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Sep 8, 2006
Media Updates- tri. BD & DVD Box Amazon Exclusives & Encounters Themesong Release

A couple different media related updates...

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We've gotten a few updates on the tri. Blu-ray and DVD boxsets coming out early next year and now we have the first solid info about the exclusive items for the Amazon exclusive version of the sets.

The Amazon version of the sets will include 6 photo prints, all 2L size (5 x 7 inches.) We don't know 'what' the 6 prints will be, but based on the number it feels most likely to be either the theatrical posters or the home video covers.

As for the set details we've had before...

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The outer box features the artwork of Taichi, Yamato, and Omegamon from the tri. Part 1 theatrical poster, using the focus color of the 1st tri. Part 6 theatrical poster.

The inner digipak features the early traincar promotional art on one side and the 2nd tri. Part 6 theatrical poster on the other side.

The 20 page booklet has a promotional image of Taichi and Agumon as the front cover.

All 6 discs have new labels using their theatrical poster art. (The prior releases uses the general tri. motif alone for the normal release, while the theater limited discs used a monochrome styled version of the poster art.)

While the discs are newly printed with the new labels, on disc content for this release will be the same as the prior discs.

They're scheduled for February 4th for 19,800 yen for the Blu-ray Box and 16,800 yen for the DVD Box: (the non Amazon versions are CDJapan affiliate links)
Digimon Adventure tri. Blu-ray Box
Digimon Adventure tri. DVD Box
Digimon Adventure tri. Blu-ray Box Amazon Version
Digimon Adventure tri. DVD Box Amazon Version
(If links aren't showing up, whitelist the site on your adblocker. Minus these links we don't have any ads.)
(Amazon Japan currently is listing their version as not available to ship outside of Japan, if you want to get that version you should keep an eye on it, as that might change later.)

And then we have a Digimon Encounters related update!

When Digimon Encounters was getting ready to have it's full launch earlier this year, we ended up getting the theme song 'Sparking Light' by Konomi Suzuki released as part of a trailer.

Recently, seemingly going without much notice since Encounters hasn't been released in Japan, Sparking Light is on Suzuki's recent album 'Shake Up!' which came out last month.

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The album includes a number of anime and game themes sung by Suzuki and comes in 2 versions: normal, and a limited edition with a Blu-ray that has a few music videos and the making of the album (Sparking Light isn't one of the videos, but it's possible it shows up in the making of.)

Fans of the theme to Encounter will likely be happy they can finally nab the full version of it.

On top of Digimon Encounters other games and anime that have themes on the album are: Witch's Weapon, Summer Pockets, Re: Life in a different world from Zero, Forever Seven Days, YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world, and Between the Sky and Sea.

First print versions which also included photo prints are sold out.

Both are currently available on CDJapan: (Affiliate links)
Shake Up! Normal Version, 3,000 yen
Shake Up! Limited Version with Blu-ray, 4,200 yen


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Apr 28, 2019
on that first disc it looks like Omegamon and Alphamon are about to kiss owo