Magazine Previews of Starter Decks 7 & 8 & English Card Game Distro Updates- Reprints & Date Changes


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Sep 8, 2006
A few card game updates...


First up, some new previews of Booster Sets 7 and 8 via Lucky Magazine out of Hong Kong.

The previews focus on the new booster sets, with most of the images we have at the moment being from Starter Deck 7 (some of this we've seen before, but most of it is new.)

We get to see RiseGreymon art in the first image.
The second shows Gigimon, Guilmon, Growmon, and MegaloGrowmon.
Then we get to see new art of ShineGreymon.

Last up is V-Wing Blade & Slayerdramon from Starter Deck 8.

Thanks to digicaplayer for the images.

Starter Decks 7 & 8 are scheduled for release on April 23rd in Japan.

Previous Card previews for Starter Decks 7 & 8:

We have clean card images for Booster Set 5 Battle of Omega, plus Tamer Battle Pack 4, 4th Scene Vote, & Vital Bracelet Pack-In Cards.

We also just got our first details & images for Booster Set 6 Double Diamond & the Dukemon & ULForceV-dramon starter decks and pre-orders are up!

Plus we have the first details for the 1 year anniversary of the card game, including a number of fun things!

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
Starter Decks 1, 2, and 3, and first 10 promo cards
Booster Set 1 New Evolution
Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power
V-Tamer Promo Cards
Purple/Black Promo Set
Tamer Battle Pack 1 and Tamer Battle Winner's Card
Booster Set 3 Union Impact
Starter Decks 4, 5, & 6, plus Tamer Battle Pack 2 & winner's Card 2, & 1st 2 scene vote cards
Booster Set 4 Great Legend, Tamer Battle Pack 3, 3rd Scene Vote, Dark Digimon Promo Pack, & Apparel Cards

And then for the English version of the card game...

On the Facebook page for the game, Bandai has detailed upcoming distribution changes.

Booster Sets 1.0 and 1.5 (contains the first 3 booster sets)
Distributors should have gotten new reprint stock at the end of March.
More reprints of these and the first 3 starter decks will show up in June, July, and August.

Booster Set 4 Great Legend
Pre-Release is now June 4th to 10th, with Release on June 11th
Booster Set 4 Great Legend has reprints already being made for June and July.
Starter Decks 4, 5, and 6 have had the same done and will show up in August.

Premium Pack Set 01- New release date is May 28th

The BCC registration page in North America and Europe has been reopened so stores can setup their events regarding Great Legends. Latin American retailers should contact Coqui Hobby and Oceania retailers should contact TAK Games.

All the day 1 cards (the 3 starter decks, special booster 1.0, and a bunch of promo cards) we have clean images for, which can be found here.
We also have all the images from Special Booster 1.5 and a bunch of promo cards, which can be found here.
We also have info about the release of Starter Decks 4, 5, and 6 and Booster Set 4 in English here.
The first details for Booster Set 5 Battle of Omni can be found here.
The first details for Booster Set 6 & Starter Decks 7 and 8 in English can be found here.


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Nov 16, 2020
Omg that rushing baby Gigimon is so cute