Lost my JPN D-3 pendulum's wire.


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Aug 16, 2017
As the title says, I happen to have a black D-3 japanese version that I bought like a couple of years ago.
It's the 2000's one, full black.

Some days ago I picked it up to use it again and the pendulum was flawing...

I decided to check it up and I saw the little pendulum wire a little loose.
Then, I got into holding it with some pliers to also add more tension to it when, suddenly... "BANG" it popped away, just like that.

My chances are.. to find that little piece of wire around the whole room (Tried, though didn't appear), purchasing some broken asian digivice in case that I find one, and finally, to get somebody to repair it somehow.

Do you guys happen to know someone that could fix it? I tried myself to apply the European little wire though it's slightly different and won't do anything...
Plus I read some time ago that there were some guys who could "hack" the wires to double the speed of the digivice.

Thank you and sorry :(