Lost Chronicles II: One World


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 161 - Bearer of Hope

Loralyn Syra’an

It had been two days since I’d left Celosia Province, and gone back to Lotisea. It would be at least another half a day before I’d arrive at the village that Deckerdramon protected, Saceaea, and therefore, the sun would be nearly set by the time I arrived, making it easier for me to move around undetected while I searched for Deckerdramon.

Or so I had hoped no more than ten minutes ago.

I suppose I oughtn’t be surprised. The guards working for the royal family of Lotisea were trained to detect the slightest of movements in areas of low visibility. As their princess — no, their heretical princess — I was recognized immediately, and subsequently bound and captured quite roughly by two JewelBeemon, with their sharp claws piercing the skin of my arms.

“Loralyn. You should not have returned,” one of the JewelBeemon said. “You were granted mercy by your parents and simply banished. But since you’ve returned…they may be liable to execute you.”

“…Does Deckerdramon know why I’ve left?” I asked.

“He does not,” the second JewelBeemon replied. “He was deceived into thinking you’d gone on a mere pilgrimage. You and I both know what his reaction would be if he found out why you were gone for as long as you have been…”

“You were always our Guardians’ favorite, you treasonous bitch!” the first JewelBeemon snapped. “So what if you’re a heretic?! Deckerdramon llllllllllooooovvvees you no matter what you think, even if it goes our kingdom’s doctrine! That stupid guardian should be executed too!”

“Enough, older brother,” the second JewelBeemon said, loosening his grip on my arm just enough to remove his claws from underneath my skin.

“But…that doctrine was made by the warrior who founded our kingdom! King Lotisea the First…Men must be brave, and women must be caring…”

“Brother; that doctrine was created over one-thousand years ago,” the younger JewelBeemon said. “Do you not suppose that something so…sexist…could be liable to change?”

“Silence, younger brother! That was the wish of the man who founded our forest kingdom! Do not speak ill of his words, lest you be punished alongside Loralyn!”

“…Yes…older brother…”

“…Say whatever you want. I will not take back what I said. I meant it,” I whispered.

“Why did you return?” the younger JewelBeemon asked quietly. “You must know what will happen to you…”

“…I needed to see Deckerdramon,” I answered. “There’s something I needed to talk to him about…”

“You might not get the chance, princess!” the elder JewelBeemon scoffed. “We ought to have killed you the moment we found you!”

“Her parents ultimately decide her fate, older brother. If we had killed her without their consent, even if it is their desire, they will be very cross with us,” the younger JewelBeemon said.

“Yeah, yeah…today’s your lucky day, princess.”

“…I’m sorry,” I heard the younger JewelBeemon whisper. “Many of us have wished for your return, milady…but not like this…”

“Please, don’t trouble yourself about it,” I said, smiling at the Ultimate Digimon. “If this is what the Goddess has planned for me…then I am prepared. But, I must speak to Deckerdramon no matter what!”

“…I’ll see what I can do.”

“All right, here we are!” The older of the two JewelBeemon brusquely pulled on my arm, attracting my attention to the small village before us. Saceaea Village. The door of one of the white stone houses opened up, and an elder-looking Insect Digimon stepped out. “Grandpa, keep watch over her, wouldja?!”

“Well, I suppose I could, since you asked so nicely,” the Digimon said, speaking in a wheezy, raspy voice that ended with a small laugh. “Come on inside, my dear. I’ll make you some tea…”

“No tea, Gramps! She’s a prisoner!” the older JewelBeemon snapped.

“Now, now, son; that’s no way to treat such a lovely young lady. Now, come on inside, dearie, and I’ll make you something warm to drink…”

“…You can’t argue with the wisdom of old age, brother,” the younger JewelBeemon said. “Come, let us depart, older brother.”

“Fine! But we’ll be back! And with a firing squad of Mothmon, too!” The older JewelBeemon spread his wings and flew off in a huff, leaving his younger brother behind.

“…I’ll do what I can to get your message to Deckerdramon,” the remaining JewelBeemon whispered before flying away after his brother.

“Come on inside out of the cold, dearie; and call me Zamielmon,” the grandfather of the two JewelBeemon said, walking back into his house. A small part of me wanted to run off, and find Deckerdramon on my own, but at the same time, I felt more than obliged to indulge myself in any rare kindness shown to me, in fear that it may not happen again.

“M-Mr. Zamielmon…I, um, suppose you might know who I am…”

“Of course; how could I forget?” Zamielmon asked. “My family has served yours for generations; I was with your sweet mother when you were born, dear Loralyn. I thought I’d never see you again…”

“Y-Yes…forgive me, but I…”

“You don’t remember my face; I’m not surprised,” Zamielmon smiled. “I’m not a knight like my grandchildren; not anymore. Five-hundred years ago, I was injured quite badly helping a few not-so-local heroes from Lachesis fight against some Bio Hybrids and reborn evil Digimon. Deckerdramon requested that I retire, but my family’s been serving the Syra’an Royal Family ever since.”

“Lachesis…That’s where I went when I was run out of my kingdom,” I whispered with a small laugh.

“Did you, now? Well, you walked into a loving family, I see,” Zamielmon said. “…I’d heard a rumor that you were forced away; your family told everyone you were kidnapped by some bandits…”

“…I’m not surprised…They never really cared about me,” I said.


“Zamielmon, if my parents ever truly loved me, would they have left me for dead in the forest?” I asked.

“Think of it this way, my dear; if they didn’t love you, they would have executed you on the spot for your personal beliefs,” Zamielmon sighed. “…Here, the tea is done.”

“…Darjeeling. You know my favorite…”

“Now, Loralyn…You know what I’ve been wanting ask, don’t you?”

“…You want to know why I’m here,” I whispered. “…I needed to speak to Deckerdramon.”

“No doubt you’re aware….the circumstances of our small reunion isn’t a pleasure visit. If all goes as my older grandchild plans, you may very well be executed,” Zamielmon said. “I do hope you’ve a good reason for venturing this far into the forest kingdom…”

“Yes…Zamielmon, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’ve heard…rumors…of someone or something murdering powerful Digimon,” I said. “I was worried about Deckerdramon, so I—”

“So, you risked your life over a rumor,” Zamielmon sighed, scratching his long beard.

“I know it’s foolish to put any stock into silly rumors, but I was worried. If it were true, and something happened to Deckerdramon…I couldn’t live with myself…”

“Loralyn…Your heart has always been in the right place, my dear. A princess born noble and true, you are…You are every bit deserving of the title of a noblewoman as the old hero’s wife…”

“When you say hero…do you mean the ancestor to Matthew and Eleanora Kasuto?” I asked. “Zelda’s husband…”

“Indeed…Thomas Kasuto…he and his partner, Statuedramon, came here to save us from the Bio Hybrids and a reborn Horusmon,” Zamielmon said. “If you’re at Lachesis, surely you’ve met her; I’ve only had the pleasure once or twice meself…”

“Yes, I have; she’s a wonderful person,” I said. “But…There’s something…wrong with her…Whenever I’m around her, I can sense an incredible amount of sadness…”

“That’s to be expected, Loralyn; she outlived her husband and many of her descendants by several hundreds of years, all without showing signs of aging herself,” Zamielmon said. “Now, then…While my own grandchildren are away, why don’t you run along back home to Lachesis, and I’ll give Deckerdramon your message?”

“Zamielmon…I’m a prisoner. If they found out you let me escape, you’ll get in trouble…”

“Heh heh; I’m an old Digimon now. Lived one hell of a life. Married me a beautiful wife, had some wonderful children and grandchildren, met a number of heroes. So what if they assassinate me for some stupid reason? I’m okay with it,” Zamielmon smiled.

“…I’m not. I won’t let you die, Zamielmon, and I won’t let Deckerdramon die, either.”

“Well, you see…that may not be possible.” A voice, with the slightest hint of an accent, came from the other side of the front door of Zamielmon’s house, sending chills down my spine.

“…Loralyn…get away from here,” Zamielmon whispered. The front door of his house was destroyed, blasted away by some powerful attack, and a rather tall man barged in.

“You should listen to the old Digimon,” the man said. “I’ve no interest in killing Humans — only powerful Digimon. You know…like Deckerdramon.”

“…You’re the one…you’re the one I heard about,” I whispered.

“Oh, so ol’ Dayan has a reputation, does he? I guess killing a Digimon as powerful as Behemotmon will do that for a man.”


“But, if you do decide to get in my way, doll, I won’t hesitate to kill you,” Dayan said, giving me a vile smirk.