Lost Chronicles II: One World


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 221 - Advancing to the Future Your Own Way


All around the main room of Lachesis Fortress, Apollomon and I sat, accompanied by Abigail, Dianamon, BlackGaomon, Zelda, Wisemon, Edmund, Lira, Cherubimon, and Ophanimon. We sat for a moment in silence when Eleanora left, but our minds buzzed with questions about what to do next. With both Alphamon and Imperialdramon turned against us, our plan of action would have to be altered to accommodate them, or else completely changed.

Currently, we had 4 of the 14 gemstones while IceDevimon’s forces had 9; one was currently missing somewhere in the Trillium Mountains due to Lira’s influence. We had to both protect not only protect Lira’s jewels but Lira herself, but also find that final gem before the enemy did.

“…Those two, they never mentioned the gems; it’s possible they know nothing about them,” Apollomon suggested. “If that is the case, then we should focus on finding the remaining gemstone.”

“But…what if they do know about them?” I asked. “Those are two very dangerous roadblocks that would be standing in our way.”

“They’ll be standing in our way regardless of their knowledge of the gemstones,” BlackGaomon said. “I say we worry about finding that last gem first.”

“…Unless it has already been found,” Zelda whispered. They were the very words that none of us wished to hear out loud, but the same quiet words that resonated in our minds. “Ophanimon, Cherubimon…what do you propose we do?”

“…The enemy is crafty. It would not surprise me one bit if they had already found that gem,” Cherubimon said. “With that in mind…I suggest that we now focus our efforts on two areas; protecting Lira, and hunting down Alphamon and Imperialdramon.”

“Whoever is sent to fight the two knights…it will likely be the smaller group. Imperialdramon and Alphamon are both strong, but even their strength pales in comparison to the might of fourteen armies,” Apollomon said.

“In that case…I’ll go,” I said. “Alone.”

“Alone?! Honey, you can’t be serious!” Abigail exclaimed.

“Abigail, have you ever known me to jest? I meant what I said. As the leader of Lachesis, it should be who fights them; me, and nobody else.”

“…Are you certain that you can do this?” Wisemon asked. “I understand how you feel, Flamedramon, but we must make certain that whoever does fight them is able to do so. We don’t have the luxury of time, or numbers strong enough to handle the situation.”

“I understand. I won’t let anyone down,” I replied. “I will destroy them both, and I will come back alive.”

“Father, why don’t I come with you?” Edmund asked. “It would be safer than simply going alone. I’ll watch your back.”

“No, Edmund; I cannot allow anything to happen to you. I’m doing this alone so that nobody else will get hurt, so I have to do this my own way,” I said. “…But beyond that…my flames need room to burn. Without any allies or innocents around, I can truly go all out.”

“…Yes. I understand. I have faith in you, Flamedramon,” Ophanimon said. “Go…and win.”

“I will. Alphamon and Imperialdramon will fall by my flames.”
Sparrow Lea

“So…what do you wanna talk about?” Eleanora asked. The two of us had wandered far from the fortress and into the woods; Hawkmon followed us partway there to make sure we weren’t followed. I paid little attention to the surroundings, however, as I was already lost in a more beautiful location. That long raven hair shimmering in the setting sun, fluttering about in the breeze; those deep blue eyes; that gentle smile…not to mention her curvaceous body and large chest. “Sparrow?”

…Ah…and she’s so kindhearted…and she smells nice, too…Must’ve used some kind of fruity shampoo recently…

“Hello…? Anybody home?”


“C’mon…you can tell me,” she whispered gently, giving me an encouraging smile. Oh, that smile again; I immediately went weak in the knees, and had to sit down on a tree stump. “You don’t have to be nervous…It’s me, Sparrow. We’ve known each other for a long time…”

“I-I know…that’s part of what makes this so hard for me; because I care so much about you,” I replied. “You; you and your brother, you’re my best friends. Well, you and Hawkmon…I…”

“Sparrow…” Eleanora sat down on the grass directly in front of me and drew her legs close to herself, waiting patiently for me. “Take all the time you need, Sparrow. I’ll wait here as long as you need me to.”

“I…I…” My mouth went dry and my body numb, but when I looked back into her eyes, my heart instantly warmed. “…You and I both know that I say it a lot…and, well, to pretty much every girl here in Lachesis, but…Eleanora, I love you…” Instantly, her face began to flush, and she looked away from me quite shyly.

“S-Sparrow…Y-You don’t have to be so shy about saying something you say to me and the other girls every day,” she whispered.

“Sorry…I couldn’t help it. I was always saying it so frivolously in the past; like I didn’t mean it. I mean, I did, but…” I sighed, and looked at my folded hands. “I…mean it now, more than ever before in my life, because…well, we were both there, remember? The future; the false one Lilliana took us to. We…were engaged…”


“My arm…it was lost to some Digimon called Tormentismon; I could barely move, but you still looked after me in such a piteous state…and…”

“You weren’t with us when we spoke; who told you?” Eleanora asked.

“Lunamon did. And…she…she told me that the two of us — the two of them — they were engaged. And so I…”

“Sparrow, I…I don’t know if I’m ready for this,” Eleanora whispered.

“Eleanora…I really wanted to wait until after we had defeated IceDevimon, but it’s taken a bit longer than I expected…and I…I don’t want to wait any longer. There’s no telling that either of us will survive this war…so I wanted to take charge and do this my own way, and ask you now. Eleanora, will you marry me?” I pulled the ring box from my pocket and opened it, showing the ring to Eleanora. The two of us stood up, and Eleanora closely examined the ring.

“…Oh, Sparrow…it’s beautiful,” she whispered. “However did you afford this…?”

“Well, I had to save up a good number of months’ worth of pay, and Hawkmon and a few others pitched in, too,” I replied. “…I wanted to get one encrusted with topaz; your birthstone…it compliments your eyes really well…”


“…I…know there are a thousand reasons to say no to someone like me; I flirt with all the girls, and…well, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to promise to stop doing that, even. What right have I to ask for your hand in marriage?”

“Sparrow, that’s simply a part of who you are. And I…well, I…I care very deeply about you…And if that’s part of who you are, then I…I’m fond of that part, too.”

“D-Do you…really mean that…?”

“C’mon; you know I can’t lie to save my life. I’m always the first to lose when we play bluffing games or cards…I really do…l-like you…but…”

“I’m not just saying these things for the sakes of our future selves; not entirely. I want to marry you because I love you, Eleanora. Will you…will you marry me?”

“…I…I don’t know what to say…I…I want you to understand…My Mark—”

“What about it? So you have Digimon blood in you; that’s part of what makes you who you are,” I whispered, gently running my thumb over the tear-shaped brand on her belly. “If anything…I should be asking you if you want to be with a normal Human like me. You’re going to outlive me by Goddess knows how many years; if I died on you…it’d be like abandoning you…”

“No…No, it wouldn’t be like that at all, Sparrow! You can’t help…being what you are,” Eleanora said. I smiled.

“Just like you can’t help being what you are. I’ve seen you curse your fate; you’ve seen yourself as a burden because of your blood more times than I can count.”

“…I can’t help it…It’s been said that the Goddess views our kind as a pitiable, worthless mistake that shouldn’t even exist,” Eleanora whispered, her expression growing more and more desperate and distressed by the second until she looked to be on the verge of tears. “Everyone is supposed to hate me! Why?! Why do I exist?! Why should I exist if I’m destined to be hated?! Why—?!” I couldn’t hold myself back any longer; I embraced her, holding her body up against mine, and pressed my lips against her own. She flinched at first, surprised, but soon returned my embrace as well as my kiss.

“Yes…Sparrow. I will marry you,” she whispered.


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 222 - Dragon King Sword


The darkness of the Black Rose Mountains loomed before me, and their shadows consumed and enveloped me and darkened the sky above. Those two knights; the only clue to their whereabouts was somewhere in these mountains. I had no way of knowing exactly where they were, or if they were even here. I looked down at the palm of my claw and the Mark that rested at its very center. A swirl of flames twisted around my arm. I held my arm skyward and released a massive fireball aimed at the heavens. The earth and sky above were illuminated in a bright orange glow that spanned for miles.

“…Come on. Take the bait, you bastards…I’ll be waiting for you.” Outside of the roar of my flames, I heard nothing. I saw nothing. The flames swirled around me, creating a massive barrier. A twinkle of green light shone in the distance. “There you are…Come on down, your brain-dead cunt.”

“I’m already here.” I turned around, and came face-to-face with Alphamon.

“For how long?” I asked.

“Long enough,” Alphamon replied. “…Hmph. I’m surprised to see you come here alone. You didn’t bring your angel friends with you?”

“No; I didn’t want anyone to get in my way. It never pays to torch a comrade simply to torch an enemy,” I said. “I’ve learned that the hard way. Or rather, Statuedramon has…”

“Well, I’m almost looking forward to seeing how hot your flames burn. Provided you aren’t attempting to trick me for whatever reason, that is.”

“Nah; I’ve never been fond of sneak attacks. I prefer destroying everything in sight,” I shrugged. “Care for a demonstration?”

“…A question first, Flamedramon,” Alphamon whispered. “You’ve a volatile temperament; what made you decide to take on the job of Lachesis’s fourth guildmaster? Surely it was not by your own choice.”

“Nah…it wasn’t. I never in my life thought about becoming the leader of anything. It was all by the choice of our previous master; when I returned after a journey, I met with Ulysses. He requested that if something happened to him…that I took over. And then he died…Murmuxmon killed him when we went to the past.”

“Ah, Murmuxmon…He sought to change his life by rewriting the past, and his betrayal…What a pitiful state of affairs he found himself in,” Alphamon sighed. “Still…I’m quite surprised you took the job.”

“To be honest, so am I. I’m no leader…but it was what Ulysses wanted. I really didn’t have much say in the matter.”

“I suppose not…In that manner, we may be more alike than you think,” Alphamon said.

“…In what way?” I asked.

“I follow Imperialdramon down whatever path he has chosen for the two of us; and you, Flamedramon…you follow the will of your leader, though it does not align with your views of yourself,” Alphamon replied.

“You shut up! I’m nothing like you!” I snapped. “I told you last time…you do not simply ‘follow’ Imperialdramon; your devotion is mindless! If you were truly loyal to your friend, then you would help us find a way to bring him back to the light…or to help us stop him.”

“…No. I will not allow anything to happen to Lord Imperialdramon! I will destroy you for having suggested such a thing! Soul Digitalization!”

“Flame Fist!” Once again, our two attacks collided, sending sparks of light and flame flying through the air.

“Blade of the Dragon King!”

“Fire Rocket!” I charged headfirst into Alphamon’s mighty sword of light, and shattered it to pieces with my horn before tackling the Exalted Knight to the ground. “Flame Fist!” I jabbed my claw into Alphamon’s chest, and every piece of his armor became consumed in flames. He roared in pain and punched me in the face and climbed back to his feet.

“Blade of—!”

“Not this time!” I swung my claw and covered Alphamon in more and more flames, stopping him before he could conjure another sword. “DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!!!” Explosion after explosion of flames consumed Alphamon, but he still kept walking towards me, one step at a time. “Fine; keep coming; it’ll make it much easier for me to destroy you!”

“Your flames…their power…I’ll make them MY OWN!” All at once, my flames rushed towards Alphamon’s center; he was absorbing them, and their power. The Exalted Knight held out his arm, and in the palm of his hand materialized a massive, ornate blade. “Thanks…for the additional power, Flamedramon! Dragon King Sword!” Alphamon jumped at me and swung his new sword; I jumped away at the last second, and he cut through a massive stone as though it were butter. “Dragon King Sword!” Over and over again, Alphamon swung his might blade; I held out my arm to protect myself, but this only allowed Alphamon to spill more of my blood. The wounds inflicted by Alphamon’s blade burned fiercely, and for one who had never once been harmed by flames, the pain was very intense. Alphamon’s attacks grew quicker as time passed, and he moved fairly adeptly in spite of the length of his weapon.

“Fire Rocket—!”

“Oh, no; I’m not giving you time to attack!” A single swing of Alphamon’s sword disrupted the formation of my flames. “Dragon King Sword!” Alphamon jabbed his sword into my stomach, piercing through my back. “HAHAHAHA! And so the mighty Flamedramon falls! So ends another era for Lachesis!”

“…I don’t…think so!” Enduring the pain, I reached for Alphamon’s spear and grabbed it, turning back into the flames Alphamon used to create it; the flames rose and twisted around in the sky before changing back into a spear and impaling Alphamon clear through the chest.

“N-No! NO!” Alphamon attempted to protect himself, but it was far too late. The Dragon King Sword dissipated into flames, and faded away. Alphamon fell to the ground, landing on his back. “…Ah! You shouldn’t still be able to move…with such a wound…”

“I’ve already been killed once in my life; this pain is nothing,” I whispered, clutching my bleeding wound. “I was born a Human named John, and lynched when I was only ten years old. And then…I was reborn…as the Digimon Flamedramon.”

“Ah…that would…explain it,” Alphamon whispered. “So…the rumors…they were true…What you are, what you were…Your flames of vengeance…Heh…I suppose it just goes to show that even rumors can have their validity…”

“Alphamon…do you understand why it is that you lost?” I asked.

“Yes…you…were stronger than me…that’s all,” Alphamon whispered.

“No. That isn’t it.” Alphamon lifted his head, and looked at me. “You lost…because you began to doubt your convictions. You really listened to me…and you believed me.”

“…Yes…I…think I…always did,” Alphamon sighed. “Imperialdramon…I failed him…I couldn’t protect him when IceDevimon…” Alphamon began coughing hysterically as blood seeped through his chest. “…Ah…damn it all…And here I thought that I…would get to see his face…one…final…time…Give Imperialdramon…my regrets…would you…? And save him. I’m counting…on you…” Alphamon’s hand fell limply at his side, and he faded away into small flecks of data.

“…Ah…I…actually…did it,” I whispered, collapsing to the ground. “Abigail…I…I’ll be back home soon. Just let me…rest…for a moment…”


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 223 - General's Eve

Zelda Kasuto

“…How long has he been gone?” Abigail asked, pacing around the lounge of the fortress. AeroVeedramon slept on in his usual corner of the room, leaving us the only three within the fortress.

“Oh, Abby, it’s only been about an hour; give him a little time, he’s probably only just made it to the mountains,” I replied. “He’ll probably be back in another hour or so. Trust me…he’ll be okay.”

“I-I know…But I’m still going to worry!” Abigail said stubbornly. “As his wife, it’s my job to worry about him when he goes out like this! I just plain don’t like not being able to be at his side when he could really use my help…”

“Abby…” I sighed, and took the woman’s hand in my own, holding it close to my heart. “I promise…it’ll all be okay,” I whispered gently. At that moment, Sparrow and Eleanora walked into the room to join us; the two were smiling, and walking arm in arm. “Well, the two of you certainly look chipper! Did something happen?” The two glanced at each other; it was more than just a glance, I could tell, and I had a gut feeling that I knew why that was. Eleanora strode gleefully over to me and held out her right hand. On her fourth finger was a beautiful ring. “Oh, Ellie…”

“In a few months…Sparrow will be my husband!” Eleanora exclaimed, giving the man at her side a big hug.

“Oh, Eleanora, I’m so happy for you!” I pulled my descendant into a loving embrace and kissed her on the cheek, with Abigail doing the same next. Sparrow off to the side seemed rather lonely, so the two of us walked over to him and kissed him as well, which seemed to brighten his mood immeasurably. “Oh, this is so exciting? When’s the wedding?”

“We…haven’t actually picked out a date yet,” Sparrow said, holding Eleanora close to him. “We decided to wait a little bit so that no evil, sociopathic Digimon bent on world domination interrupts our wedding. I was going to wait until then to ask her to marry me, but…”

“Just couldn’t wait, huh? I understand the feeling,” Abigail said wistfully, gazing off into space and likely thinking of Flamedramon. “Well, I’m really happy for the two of you. Now, Sparrow…don’t think this means you’re allowed to flirt with the other girls anymore, mister!”

“Oh…that’s okay. That’s just a part of who Sparrow is,” Eleanora whispered, giving a shy smile. “I love everything about him, and I wouldn’t dream of changing one little aspect of him.”

“My heart and my love will always be forever hers, no matter what I may say to the other girls. It will not go beyond shameless flirting,” Sparrow added.

“You see to it, then; I won’t allow you to break Ellie’s heart, you hear me?!” Abigail asked, cracking her knuckles. “If I see ONE tear fall down Ellie’s pretty little face because of something scummy you did—!”

“Y-Yes ma’am! Understood!” Sparrow exclaimed nervously.

“Oh, Sparrow, don’t mind her; she’s just a little on edge ever since Flamedramon left—”


“—so it probably isn’t best to provoke her right now,” I finished.

“I-I would NEVER do something like that to such a, uh, beautiful lady,” Sparrow said nervously, taking a step behind Eleanora. “And I swear; I shall love and cherish my beloved Eleanora for the rest of my days!”

…Oh, Sparrow…He…he’ll end up just like Thomas…and Eleanora…she’ll be all alone, like me…I guess they both know that, though; I can see a sparkle of sadness in her eyes…Poor little darling…Tenderly and somewhat absentmindedly, I reached over and brushed a stand of pure raven hair out of Eleanora’s beautiful face and then delicately stroked her cheek. I see so much of myself in her as much as I do Thomas. She has all of his strength and courage…but at times, she seems so emotionally fragile…I know Sparrow won’t ever intentionally hurt her, but his lifespan is far shorter…and at the end of it…her heart will be broken, even if she knows it will…my poor baby…

“…Auntie Zelda, are you okay?” Eleanora asked.

“I-I’m fine…I just—”

“EVERYONE! Hey, we’ve got a BIG problem!” Lira, screaming frantically, ran into the fortress while gasping for breath.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Did Flamedramon return?” Abigail exclaimed.

“N-No…it’s worse…fare worse…Those armies…They…They’ve returned!” Lira gasped.

“No!” Abigail gasped. “…Wait, what do you mean by far worse?!” A powerful gust of wind blew through the room, strong enough to move the furniture around somewhat, which was a surprise in itself, but even more so was the fact that it manage to awaken AeroVeedramon. The sleeping dragon unleashed a mighty yawn loud enough to rival the powerful gale.

“Ah, damnit, I was having the nicest dream,” the Dragon Digimon whispered.

“Well, that’s too bad; but, if things go the way we all want, you’ll be able sleep for eternity!” an unfamiliar voice laughed.

“I know that laugh,” Lira muttered. “It’s Kazemon…”

“Right you are, Miss Lira Elric!” the Fairy Digimon walked into the room with the wind at her back. “And I’m here to take your gemstones! The ones you have are the only ones we’re missing!”

“Wh-What?! That can’t be! I lost one…”

“You mean this one?” Kazemon held up an orchid-colored jewel. “Found it at the Trillium Mountains, buried in snow. You did a good job of losing it, you prick!”

“…No…how could you find it so fast…?” Lira whispered as a look of anxiety and fear grew on her face.

“That doesn’t matter. All that’s important…is the gems that you have in your possession! Now HAND THEM OVER!” Kazemon unleased another powerful gale, this one aimed mainly at Lira; a pouch at Lira’s waist became unstrung, and from it, five gemstones, Omnimon’s included, flew away. “A-hah! There they are!”

“Black Wing!”

“Ice Blast!” A dark spear and a sharp icicle shot past Kazemon on either side, just barely missing the Fairy Digimon. Abigail and my Spirit Seadramon stared down the opposing Digimon, but at that moment, the five gemstones circled around the room by the wind’s course, and flew straight into Kazemon’s hands.

“Ah! Thanks, Lira!” Kazemon exclaimed. “Well, I’m off! Our masters await!”

“NO! Get back here, damn it all!” Lira chased after Kazemon, but the Fairy vanished as quickly as she had appeared. “No…NO!!!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch up to her; get on my back!” AeroVeedramon crouched down next to Lira, allowing the thief to climb up his back, and the two were off in hot pursuit of the Kazemon.

“Let’s go, too,” I said, looking at Abigail, Eleanora, and Sparrow, who all nodded in agreement.
Lira Elric

Over an hour of searching, and still no sign of Kazemon.

“Damn it…Can’t believe I let this happen,” I whispered.

“Now, now, don’t get yer panties in a twist; I’m on her trail,” AeroVeedramon said. “Hm…smells like freshly made cinnamon rolls…”

“Are you…sure that’s Kazemon…?” I asked.

“Course I am! Hey, I’m the best tracker in all of Lachesis! I can spot a little mouse from 150 meters in the sky!” AeroVeedramon exclaimed.

“Okay, okay; just making sure,” I said defensively. Although, I thought as my stomach growled, a cinnamon roll does sound pretty good right now

“Hey! I found her!” AeroVeedramon suddenly shouted.

“Where?!” I gasped.

“Down there; heading for the Black Rose Mountains!”

“After her, AeroVeedramon!”

“I’m on it!” AeroVeedramon began a plunging dive at the Fairy Digimon as she came into view, which as a difficult task at night, but I soon saw her as well. “Magnum Crusher!” Taking her completely by surprise, AeroVeedramon grabbed Kazemon by the back of the head, slamming her face-first into a stone spire nearby.

“D-Damn it! I didn’t think you’d find me so fast,” Kazemon muttered.

“Any last words?!” AeroVeedramon asked, raising his claws.

“Well, aren’t you impatient,” Kazemon sighed. The Fairy Digimon climbed to her feet and dusted herself off. “Look up.” Kazemon pointed up at the night sky, at the moon. Both AeroVeedramon and I gasped. A ring of gemstones hovered in the sky, encircling the moon. Nine gemstones, to be exact. “Can you feel it? The Generals’ power…once these five join them…the Generals will finally be free!”

“Hand them over.” Kazemon looked over at me.

“Now, that isn’t how you ask for a favor,” Kazemon said sarcastically. “On your knees.” Kazemon pointed to the ground at her feet. “Beg, woman.”

…I guess I don’t have a choice…I…

“Lira…don’t,” AeroVeedramon whispered. “It’s a trick…”

“I know. But I…” I fell to me knees, and bowed to Kazemon. “…Please…please, return the gemstones to me, Kazemon.”

“…Heh. What a fool you are, Lira Elric!” Kazemon raised a leg, and kicked me hard in the stomach. I slid, clutching myself, down a very small cliff, but close enough to watch the ensuing brawl.

“Damn it! Twister Sabre!” The blades on AeroVeedramon’s arms elongated, and he slashed away at Kazemon, but each swipe missed. He aimed his following attack downwards at Kazemon’s head, but the Fairy caught it in both hands.

“Tempest Twist!” Holding AeroVeedramon in place, Kazemon swung herself around and kicked the Holy Dragon in the neck, knocking him down to the ground next to me. “Hah! You two are pathetic! If this is all Lachesis has to offer, then the Generals have already won!”

“No…not…not yet.” I forced myself back up to my feet, and once more approached Kazemon. “I won’t ask again. Hand them over.”

“What…you mean these?” Kazemon held out the five gemstones she had taken from me. I stared at each one of them; the violet one I had taken from King Desmond; the brown one I had taken from Duchess Eris; the pink one my parents had given to me before I started on my quest; the transparent one Omnimon handed to me for safekeeping; and finally…the green one I had taken from Matthew.

“Kazemon…” The Fairy Digimon smiled and clutched the gems in her fist. My heart froze; Kazemon, in one fluid motion, chucked the gemstones over her shoulder to have them join the other nine. “NO!!!”

“Oh, deal with, you slut!” Kazemon aimed a punched at my face, but I managed to weave out of the way. I reached for my knife and pulled it out; Kazemon left herself wide open, and I plunged the knife deep into her belly. Kazemon gasped as blood came pouring from her mouth and the wound; I pulled the knife out, and then tore it across her neck. Kazemon fell to the ground in a puddle of her own blood, gasping for breath.

“…You shouldn’t have gotten in my way, Kazemon. Not then, and not now,” I said. Kazemon clenched her teeth, and then fell silent, fading away into small flecks of data. I sighed a quick breath of relief, and then looked back to the moon. The gemstones were beginning to glow in a bright light of their individual color. I knew, deep in my gut, that I had completely failed in my quest.

“…At last…at long, very long last…All fourteen have gathered here; the fourteen gemstones of the generals,” I whispered to myself. “Look at them all, circling the moon in all their radiant beauty. And now…they are free…Free to be themselves. Arise…ARISE! Awaken, Generals!” The gemstones fell down to the earth, and then, one at a time, they began to rise up. First, the red one that had been taken from the martial artist Silvanna, enveloped in flames. “Ena, the Flame Empress!”

“…Is…it time…? To kill…? It has been so long…” The red gemstone was hidden by flames, which began to take the form of a young woman bearing an ornate naginata as her weapon of choice. “Our job…it will be fulfilled!”

Next rose the orchid gem, the one that had been held by Anastasia of Valneva, enveloped in light. “Eira, the Priestess of Dawn!” The gemstone formed a beautiful headdress as the light surrounding it formed into the shape of another young woman, one much smaller and more petite than the former.

“…This place is dark…It will be filled with light,” the woman said.

Next, the turquoise gem, which was held by Princess Loralyn of Lotisea, became enveloped in ice. “Maddrich, the Frost Monarch!” The ice swirled around the gemstone in a savage blizzard, forming a largely-built man in a suit of armor.

“…Lord IceDevimon. I will do as you wish…and subjugate this world to a frozen hell!”

The violet gemstone that had once belonged to King Desmond from the continent to the east rose up next, surrounded by a mighty gale. “Kiara, the Savage Tempest!” The winds kicked up quite a bit of sand before coming together to form the shape of a young woman.

“…ha…HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, this is GREAT! It’s been far too long since I’ve been flesh and bone! Ooh, this’ll be FUUUUN…”

The yellow gemstone, the one which had previously been in the possession of Princess Nora, rose next, becoming enveloped in electricity. “Roktos, the Lightning Baron!” The static burned my eyes to look at it directly, but it didn’t last too long, forming the shape of a man.

“…Hmph. Far too long. Don’t waste my time like that, IceDevimon! You should know…how quickly and strongly my ire STRIKES!”

The black gem that was taken from the cowardly KingChessmon was next, and became enveloped in shadows and darkness. “Betzalel, the Archduke of Dusk!” The black gem became near impossible to see, hidden in shadows in the mountains at night, but it too became easier to spot.

“…Huh…So much…darkness…was life…always like this? My mind and thoughts…both are obscured by darkness. But I remember…my job…my mission. And both will be accomplished!”

The clear gemstone that was Omnimon’s rose into the air next, becoming encrusted in shards of earth and stone. “Gaia, the Earth Mother!”

“Oh…how precious! We’re all together again…That’s so sweet. A family that battles together, wins together.”

The brown gem that had once belonged to King Desmond’s sister, the Duchess Eris, rose next; vines of ivy and kudzu sprung from the ground and curled around the gem. “Aleni, the Insatiable Flora!”

“Oh…s-so…so hungry…I…I fear I may collapse before the battle can begin…”

The blue gem taken from Ulysses was next, and water spiraled around it. “Juvia, the Ocean Princess!”

“Whee! Oh, it’s so much fun to be alive! Now we can all play all day long! Who’s in for a day of fun?!”

The green gem, the one that the thief Lira had taken from Matthew Kasuto, rose up next, shining with the luster of polished metal. “Wilhelm, the Iron Colonel!”

“Hm…Ah, and so we all rise once more? I do thank you, IceDevimon, for freeing me and my brethren, but you can rest now. I’ll take things from here.”

The orange gem safeguarded by the ancient kingdom of Queen Mana and King Byron’s rule rose next as sand swirled around it. “Rould, the Sands of Time!”

“…Ah, man…what’s the point…? We’re here again…but we’ll all die once again…So pointless…”

The pink gemstone that had been Lira’s first rose next as a violet mist covered it. “Neveene, the Shadow of Desire!”

“Oh, what a glorious day for us to be revived; utterly exquisite…A perfect night for one as beautiful as me, wouldn’t you say?”

The white gemstone found in the Tower of Guidance rose next, glittering in the light of the stars. “Norphea, the Earl of Spatial Collapse!”

“Nyeeehh heheheheheheeeee! Time to go wrecking some havoc, again! EEEE HEHEHE!”

At long last, the grey gemstone taken from Emperor Tso Lan of Shendu rose, reflecting brilliantly the light of the moon. “Getsuren, the Luna Diviner!”

“Ooh…once more surrounded by beauty divine…! Ena, Gaia, Juvia…all so gorgeous…Ah…”

“Listen to me; you, the Fourteen Generals, have been brought back to life from your petrified forms! You are now all prepared to live out your ultimate mission!” I exclaimed.

“And we are all forever in your debt for this,” Wilhelm said. “But it is as I said; you need not interfere. As long as we Generals all stand together as one, we shan’t lose.”

“I find that most reassuring, but I do have your orders from your…true master,” I said. “The mercenary guild, Lachesis…they are to be eliminated.”


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 224 - The Stronger Evil

Zelda Kasuto

It was the stroke of midnight. Our guild reconvened — minus Lira, AeroVeedramon, and Flamedramon — once the moon became cloaked in a very ominous light. Statuedramon in particular seemed deeply disturbed by it, whatever it was.

“They’re coming…they’re coming…” This was all he was able to say as a look of severe freight encompassed his scarred face and his single, red eye.

“Statch, what’s wrong? Who’s coming?” Mia asked.

“The enemy,” Omnimon replied. The tall Digimon drew his massive sword, and stared at the Black Rose Mountains with Statuedramon. “Everybody…prepare yourselves for battle.” Mia, Augustus, Alphonse and I readied our Digimon Talismans; Abigail and Marissa shifted to their Bio Hybrid Forms; Sparrow, Lilliana, Eleanora, Matthew, Tamiko, and Giselle pulled out their Digivices to help prepare their Digimon partners. All around us, the Royal Knights spread out and readied themselves. It was silent for a few minutes. But then, the sky went as light as day, making all the stars and even the moon vanish from sight.

“Wh-What’s going on?” I asked.

“Oh, thou sinners of guild Lachesis; be purified by the maiden light of the Fourteen Generals…” It was a soft and gentle voice who spoke, belonging to a woman; there was an eerie tone to her voice, and yet it was eerily calming. A beam of light shone down from the sky, forming a bright circle on a patch of darkened grass; at its center stood a young woman in an elegant blue dress. “You vile sinners; shining so beautifully in the light. It is as I have always said; the light of our Goddess shall purify all that is evil with this world. So says I; Eira, the Priestess of Dawn…”

“…What do you want with us?!” Statuedramon asked. “The gem on your forehead; is that…”

“Yes; it is one of many that your demon ilk have searched in vain for,” Eira whispered. “We who were sealed in crystal by your demon arts; we seek nothing more than to make up for the time we lost whilst imprisoned. Me…and my dear comrades.” Thirteen more beams of light shone down from the sky in a perfect circle around us, and with them came thirteen more people. “Sweet ladies and dear gentlemen; may I introduce you to my beloved comrades, my brother and sister generals! Ena, the Flame Empress; Maddrich, the Frost Monarch; Kiara, the Savage Tempest; Roktos, the Lightning Baron; Betzalel, the Archduke of Dusk; Gaia, the Earth Mother; Aleni, the Insatiable Flora; Juvia, the Ocean Princess; Wilhelm, the Iron Colonel; Rould, the Sands of Time; Neveene, the Shadow of Desire; Norphea, the Earl of Spatial Collapse; and finally…Getsuren, the Luna Diviner!”

“All fourteen of us have assembled for the first time in ages…in order to destroy our master’s enemies!” Roktos bellowed.

“Your master; do you mean IceDevimon?” I asked.

“Oh, please; IceDevimon means nothing to us…nothing,” Rould whispered. “Well…except for Wilhelm and Maddrich…”

“Our master is but another servant of IceDevimon,” Kiara said. “Hah; you losers sure are obsessive! IceDevimon this, IceDevimon that; it’s pretty funny how much you talk about someone you’re trying to kill!”

“Kiara, enough joking around; we were given our orders, and now we must go through with them!” Maddrich barked.

“You’re right; time to eliminate these insurgents!” Kiara held out an ornate crossbow, pointing it directly at my chest.

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” Dynasmon charged at Kiara, but was forced back by an unseen power; the Exalted Knight fell to the ground, clutching his chest in pain.

“Like it…? This is no ordinary crossbow, you fool,” Kiara said, slinging her weapon over her shoulder. “This is the Dragonbellows; it fires arrows made from superheated air with enough force to tear through thick armor. I was merciful and aimed away from your heart, but do not think you will be so lucky the next time.”

“Everyone; Digivolve, now!” Statuedramon ordered. “Statuedramon Warp Digivolve to, Azulongmon!”

“Mihiramon Digivolve to, Baihumon!”

“Kamemon Warp Digivolve to, Ebonwumon!”

“Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Shurimon, the Samurai of Sincerity!”

“Lunamon Warp Digivolve to, Dianamon!”

“Coronamon Warp Digivolve to, Apollomon!”

“Celtinemon Digivolve to, Morgannamon!”

“Oh, dear…it looks like you lot still need to be taught a lesson,” Gaia sighed. In her hands, a spear materialized; the woman swung it at Dianamon, and soon, the Mega Digimon began attacking Apollomon.

“What?! What’s going on?!” I exclaimed.

“The threads of my distaff, Eir, bind and constrain anyone I choose, making them move as I see fit,” Gaia said calmly. “Isn’t that cute? It’s like a little puppet show…”

“You…are just like Puppetmon,” Morgannamon stated. “Clear Moon Sky!”

“You’re in the way; stop ruining the show!” Out of nowhere, Getsuren appeared and fired a crystal sphere at Morgannamon’s stomach, making the Mega Digimon fall to the ground.

“Why, aren’t you a little dear, Getsuren?” Gaia said, giving her fellow general a loving smile. “Now, then; where was I…? Oh, yes; Dianamon! Be a darling and eliminate Apollomon, would you?”

“N-No…I…WON’T! Ice Archery!”

“Ah-ah-ah! You know the rules…anyone caught in my tangled web…must do as I ask of them!” Gaia’s voice and serene face both took a much darker tone; without warning, Dianamon’s attack swerved in the air and struck Apollomon.

“NO! Apollomon!” Dianamon ran over to her fellow Digimon, but he had already reverted back to Coronamon. “No…what…what have I done…?!”

“Sit tight; this won’t hurt a bit!”

“Dianamon, behind you—!” My warning came too late; in the blink of an eye, Gaia had run up behind Dianamon and thrust her distaff into her belly, making Dianamon turn back into Lunamon. Gaia raised her distaff once more, preparing to finish the two Rookie Digimon off, when Gallantmon, Crusadermon, and Leopardmon jumped and landed on either side of her.

“PATHETIC FOOLS!” Maddrich suddenly materialized between the three Exalted Knights and unleashed three mighty blasts of ice, freezing them all in place.

“Sovereigns; attack!” Azulongmon ordered.

“No…your attacks…they will do no good,” Rould whispered. The small boy held up an hourglass, and gazed at the three Digimon Sovereigns. “No good…because your forms are no longer here, at this time…” At once, Azulongmon, Baihumon, and Ebonwumon began to cry out in pain, and they suddenly reverted to their previous forms, all collapsed on the ground. “No good…just like someone I know…or think I know…”

No…this isn’t good; this is not good! He just managed to take out three of the Digimon Sovereigns!

“Look out, gorgeous!!!” I turned around at once, and saw Norphea prepared to swing his grisly scythe; before he could attack, Reapermon jumped in front of me and took the hit, falling to the ground like the others before him. Norphea laughed, a more chilling and frightening laugh than I had expected, and I had most certainly expected one.

“My lady, stand back; I can handle this miscreant!” Mercurymon stood at my side, holding out his shields as Norphea attacked once again; to the general’s surprise, Mercurymon managed to reflect his attack perfectly back at him, flinging him backwards through the air.

“Oh…a fellow reflector, are we…?” I turned around, and saw that Wilhelm had approached the two of us while battles continued all around us. “I will have you know…that your power of reflection is nothing compared to my own. I am, after all…the strongest of the Fourteen Generals.”

“My lady; get behind—!” Before Mercurymon could finish his sentence, Wilhelm thrusted his halberd deep into my Digimon Spirit’s chest, causing him to immediately disintegrate.

“Hm…a Spirit…I shall fight him again, it seems,” Wilhelm said.

“You…how DARE you do that to my loyal servant?!” Cherubimon bellowed. “You shall be the first to die; by hands alone! Terminal Judgment!” Cherubimon aimed a barrage of red bolts of lightning at the lone general, and for a moment, it looked as though they hit their mark; however, upon closer inspection, I noticed that another had intercepted the attack.

“Your lightning…shall feed my anger!” Roktos stood, using his rapier as a lightningrod for Cherubimon’s attack; red and golden electricity surged through the weapon, and in one leap and swing of his blade, Cherubimon was downed.

“No; Cherubimon!” Ophanimon attempted to run to her ally’s side when a string from Gaia’s distaff grabbed her foot and tripped her.

“Hahaha! That was SO funny!” Juvia exclaimed, standing over Ophanimon. “Hey, let’s play!” A trident materialized in the young girl’s hands, with its three prongs aimed at Ophanimon’s neck.

“Goddess Bow!” A single arrow struck the back of Juvia’s hand, making her drop her weapon.

“Hey! No fair!” Juvia pouted, glaring daggers at Aquarimon.

“We don’t play fair; not when our friends’ lives are at state!” BanchoStingmon said, flying up behind Juvia. BanchoStingmon prepared himself to attack when a long blade of darkness pierced his chest, making him dissolve into flecks of data as Mercurymon did before him.

“Wow! Thanks for the save, Mr. Betzalel!” Juvia exclaimed. “And now, to take care of YOU!” Juvia held out her hand and unleashed a mighty stream of water aimed at Aquarimon’s mouth. Her belly swelled massively, tearing through her dress before she burst and dissolved into bits of data.

“N-No…they…they were my strongest Spirits,” Mia said worriedly. Both Juvia and Betzalel began advancing towards her, but Ophanimon flew up and landed between them.

“Mia; get to safety. I’ll handle these two,” the Digimon said.

“A-All right…I’m sorry,” Mia whispered.

“There is no escape…from the total expansion of darkness!” Betzalel thrust his longsword into the earth; a field of darkness surrounded both Mia and Ophanimon, and soon, the two were knocked unconscious.

“Nyahahahahaha! This is simply too easy!” Norphea cackled as he swung his scythe, taking out both BanchoLeomon and UlforceVeedramon. Augustus ran towards him, preparing to strike with his golden sword when Neveene hurled a dagger at the man’s knee, making him fall to the ground.

“Please, darling, do try to save some for the rest of us,” Neveene whispered seductively.

“Black Wing!”

“Lunar Blast!” Both Abigail and Marissa began their attack, but the two were consumed in flames and fell to the ground, landing at Ena’s feet.

“…Pathetic weaklings; where are your real fighters?!” Ena exclaimed.

“RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” Ena whirled around gracefully, brandishing her naginata as Sieglinde charged her. To the General’s surprise, Sieglinde managed to nick her shoulder with her rapier, but not before Ena created a bloody gash in Sieglinde’s leg.

“You’ll pay for that; Primary Tactic!” Tactimon unleashed an attack from the mortars on his back, but they were stopped dead in their tracks by a beam of light.

“The light of sinners thus shall be exposed as the lies of demons,” I heard Eira whisper, causing Tactimon’s attack to dissolve into the light. Lupinemon jumped at her, but Wilhelm intercepted, blocking the attack with his halberd while flinging the golden Digimon directly at Tactimon as Roktos blasted the both of them with a powerful bolt of lightning. Out of nowhere, both Lloyd and Heather began mercilessly attacking Roktos at once, putting the General on the defensive before he could cast another attack while Andromon began fighting Wilhelm.

“You’re pretty.” I jumped and turned around, seeing Getsuren standing behind me. “Exquisitely beautiful; say, what say the two of us go on a date?” I was so surprised by the question that I remained perfectly silent. “What, is that a no? You can say no; I’ve been rejected before…far too many times…”

“Hey, GET AWAY FROM HER!” Sparrow jumped and swung his axe at Getsuren, but all the General did was hold up his crystal sphere to protect himself. Eleanora snuck up behind him and swung her blade, but Getsuren stopped that attack as well, catching the sword in between two fingers.

“Come ON; give me SOME credit, wouldja? I’m one of the Fourteen Generals, after all!” In an effortless motion, Getsuren swung Eleanora around by the sword in her hands, striking her head against Sparrow’s, knocking the two unconscious. “Hate to do that to such a beautiful lady; but hey, we are enemies.”


“Hm? Oh, now that I look closer; the two of you must be related!” Getsuren exclaimed. “Nice…a three-way sounds marvelous…

“Come forth, Okuwamon—!”

“Nope; not gonna happen!” Getsuren flicked his finger, and his crystal sphere rammed itself into my belly. I nearly lost consciousness from the pain, but I fell to the ground, gasping for breath as Wilhelm effortlessly defeat Andromon, and Roktos did the same for Lloyd and Heather.

“Double Stars!” Shurimon aimed an attack at Getsuren, but a single wind arrow from Kiara’s crossbow knocked both it and Shurimon out of the sky, and Shurimon reverted back into Hawkmon.

No…they…they’re winning…too easily…How can this be…? From the corner of my eye, I saw Elizabeth in a knife-fight with Neveene; Quetzalmon slithered around the General’s body, constricting her, and Elizabeth hurled one of her kunai at Neveene’s heart when Quetzalmon’s entire body became encased in ice by Maddrich. The Mythical Animal fell limply to the ground, allowing Neveene to twist Elizabeth’s arm completely around, making her stab herself in her belly.

“Damn it…I’m all…out of…Spirits,” Alphonse said, gasping for breath as Roktos slammed his foot on the Summoner’s chest.

“Dragonic Impact!” Spreading his massive wings, Examon charged through the Fourteen Generals, managing to knock several of them down, but as soon as he approached Maddrich, the Frost Monarch raised his gauntlet-covered fist and punched Examon in the face, encasing him completely in ice.

“Don’t worry; I’ll get you out of there!” Edmund exclaimed. The archsage’s arms became enveloped in flames, while next to him, Trionfimon pulled a card from her cleavage, preparing to do the same.

“Your flames are useless when I am around!” Ena held her hand in an odd shape in front of her face; the flames of both Edmund and Trionfimon spread into wildfire, consuming their casters in its fiery rage.

“You BITCH!!!” Lucia lunged at Ena, brandishing a mighty sword, but Ena’s naginata knocked it right out of her hands before she tore its blade across Lucia’s chest. Kiara aimed an arrow at the Tiger Woman, but Matthew fired an arrow at the same time, managing to strike Kiara’s and causing the two arrows to break upon impact.

“You know; you’re not as cute as you look,” Kiara snarled, shooting Matthew through the shoulder with an arrow of wind. Farther away, I saw Maddrich unleash a relentless barrage of punches at Kentaurosmon’s shield as the Exalted Knight did his best to protect Tamiko. Finally, with sharp icicles sprouting from the knuckles of his gauntlets, Maddrich rammed his fist at Kentaurosmon’s face, knocking the Digimon to the ground as he turned back into Kudamon. Meanwhile, Alena, Charlotte, and Wikstrom managed to surround Norphea. With shortsword, spear, and giant blade in hand, the three knights charged at the General, only for Norphea to swing his grim scythe around, cutting through Wikstrom’s chest and Charlotte’s spear.

“Hahahaha! Lookit you; waddling around with that big ol’ gut!” Norphea nudged the tip of his scythe into Charlotte’s potbelly. “Ooh, I’ll enjoy cutting into that! Bet there’s a lot of blood stored in there, eh?!”

“You leave her alone!” Alena jumped and cut her sword through Norphea’s back, but this didn’t seem to faze the man in the slightest. Rather, the back end of his scythe, shaped like a malformed claw, reached all on its own and grabbed Alena by the neck.

“Now, you won’t be doing something like that again, eh, miss pretty little knight?!” Norphea glared into Alena’s eyes as she struggled to breathe and free herself from the scythe’s claw. In one clean motion, Norphea swung Alena through the air and slammed her down onto Charlotte, knocking them both out.

“Shock Ringer!”

“Sorrow Blue!” Craniamon and Plesiomon combined their two attacks, creating a massive swirling vortex aimed at the Generals, but a single swing of Roktos’s rapier cut clear through it as both Digimon became enveloped by a surge of electricity, reverting back to Tsunomon and Bukamon. Close by, Meramon and SkullMeramon were both defeated simultaneously by Juvia.

“Transcendent Sword!”

“Ars Prima!” Omnimon and Generalmon together began attacking Wilhelm; Omnimon, however, was struck from behind by Norphea’s scythe, allowing Wilhelm to easily defeat Generalmon by cutting through his violet armor.

“Eternal Nirvana!” Wisemon hurled his two stones at Rould, but the General held up his hourglass to halt the attack.

“…Go back…from whence you have come,” Rould said. Wisemon’s attack did as Rould ordered, hurling themselves back at the Digimon, piercing his two hands.

“H-Hah! I knew…you would do that!” Wisemon said, clutching his bleeding hands together. “I knew…you would strike me back…so now…I can do this! Pandora Dialogue!” Without warning, two holes opened up in Rould’s hands, and blood spurt from both wounds. “Heh…got you…you bastard…!” Wisemon tried to force himself to rise up, but found himself unable to do so, and fell to the ground. Magnamon attempted to attack, but Norphea jumped and attacked him from behind, knocking him to the ground as well.

“Flaming Arrowheads!”

“Fire Tornado!” Majiramon and Magnadramon managed to surround Maddrich with their long, coiling bodies, and attacked him, but like Edmund’s flames before them, Ena took control of their attacks and struck the two Dragon Digimon down. Jeanette and Eirika both prepared to attack her in retribution, but they were both struck in the leg by daggers hurled by Neveene.

“Howling Blaster!”

“JUST DIE ALREADY!” Roktos pointed his sword at the sky, and bolts of lightning dropped down and hit both Garurumon and Mammothmon, defeating the two Digimon instantly. At once, however, Roktos’s body became encased in ice by an angered Ilora. Anastasia rushed towards Roktos, brandishing two silver daggers, but was struck in the stomach by Juvia’s trident. Roktos managed to free himself, and then jabbed his rapier into Ilora’s shoulder.

“Just two more,” Wilhelm said calmly, staring down RookChessmon and QueenChessmon.

“We WILL defeat you! Rook Gatling!”

“Heart Breaker!” The attacks of the two Digimon struck the front of Wilhelm’s large shield, immediately pushing the bald man back several feet with the combined force of their attacks. However, at that moment, their attacks bounced off of Wilhelm’s shield, just like Mercurymon’s, and struck the two Digimon back, knocking them both down.

“…I do believe that is checkmate,” Wilhelm said, looking around at the field of blood and unconscious bodies.

“That fight; it was too EASY!” Roktos growled. “I need more; MORE!”

“Calm yourself, Roktos; overzealousness is not attractive in the slightest,” Neveene whispered gently.

“Hm; I will admit they put up quite a decent fight,” Ena said. “I actually broke a sweat having to defeat so many of them.”

“Indeed; that is why we must kill them all now; before they can strike back,” Wilhelm added.

“HEY! You haven’t won yet!” a voice out of nowhere said. Suddenly, AeroVeedramon came spiraling down to the ground with Lira on his back, but before he could do anything, Kiara blasted an arrow through the Dragon’s wing, making the two fall to the ground.

“Hm; you…you were tasked with collecting our gems, were you not?” Wilhelm asked.

“My, she’s certainly a cutie,” Gaia said. “Such a shame we have to kill her, isn’t it…?”

“You haven’t won…You haven’t won yet!” Lira exclaimed, staggering up to her feet and brandishing her dagger. It was my job to keep you from being freed…and so it will be my job to seal you all away once again…only this time…it’ll be permanently!”

“You talk too much.” Neveene hurled a dagger at Lira, piercing her belly. “…Ah…and now it is over…”

“…I-Is it really over…?” Aleni asked, stepping out from behind a large rock.

“Indeed; Flamedramon lays unconscious at the Black Rose Mountains, so there’s no one left to save this sorry lot,” Wilhelm said, sounding almost lamentful.

“Hey; why didn’t you join us?” Getsuren asked. “Oh, I get it; you hate blood, right?”

“N-No, not really…I…I was just so…h-hungry…I couldn’t have fought on such an empty stomach, I’d only have held you all back,” Aleni said shyly. Gaia smiled at the petite General and stood at her side, helping her to stand.

“Hm…it seems such a shame to kill them all now, though, when it would be so much fun to torture them…”

“Hmph; you just said we should kill them so that they can’t retaliate. Make up your mind, baldy,” Roktos grunted.

“I will not tolerate any disrespect, young man!” Wilhelm snapped, pointing the tip of his halberd at Roktos’s throat.

“…Fine. Do whatever you want,” Roktos muttered, walking away from the other Generals.

“Now then…Betzalel, if you would do the honors,” Wilhelm said.

“Of course, sir,” Betzalel said, bowing respectfully to his elder. And then it all went dark around us.