Lost Chronicles II: One World


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 181 - At Peace

Giselle Alberona

Matthew and Eleanora, along with their partner Digimon, landed on the ground before us. Mia stood at my side with Celtinemon, and not far away, BioNymphmon was still engaged in combat with BioCaturamon. Augustus and his Digimon Spirits were facing down ShadowSeraphimon, along with Statuedramon. For the first time that day, the fight was finally beginning to go in our favor. The angst in my chest finally began to subside, especially with the arrival of the twins. I glanced back up at Sakkakumon; the massive beast had not moved since I or any of the others had left the giant maze of a Digimon; however, nine of his ten spheres had darkened; the final sphere, the top right, emitted an ominous, white glow.

“I guess there really is only one of those dimensional masters left,” I said to myself. “Let’s see…I’m pretty sure only Zelda is left inside of Sakkakumon, right?”

“You ought not remain so calm. In the face of your countless sins, fall to your knees, and pray to the almighty Goddess!” BioCaturamon growled. “But fear not; though your sins number many, the Goddess is all-loving and forgiving! Through much turmoil, your souls may be salvaged from the pit of hell yet!”

“I have heard enough of your ramblings about the Goddess! I shall not stand to have her be slandered in such a way!” Celtinemon screamed. “You speak of her with words laced with false kindness, as if you claim to worship her. But what you say about her is nothing of the sort! You treat her like some vengeful deity who cares nothing for her creations! Arcadia is not a hateful Goddess! She loves all of her creations; Human, Digimon, and the Marked!”

“HAH! The Goddess cares not a whit for any living thing — not the least of which is those Marked scum!” BioCaturamon spat. “My Bio Hybrid form — the Digimon I have become — he has met the Goddess almost 1,000 years ago. His memories of her have become one with mine. And my memory of Goddess Arcadia…is that of a cruel and vengeful bitch!”

“Faerie Divider!” Celtinemon flew out at BioCaturamon, but the Exalted Beast grabbed her blade in his teeth and shattered the cold, glowing steel in between his jaws. BioNymphmon suddenly flew in and fired a Lunar Blast directly in the middle of the larger Bio Hybrid’s face. Bahira was flung backwards by the powerful attack, but quickly bounded back and turned into a massive gavel and slammed himself down on Marissa, pinning her to the ground.

“Celtinemon! Let’s take it to the next level! D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!”

“Celtinemon Digivolve to, Morgannamon! Clear Moon Sky!” BioCaturamon’s gavel form began to glow, and he turned back into his beast form.

“Howl of the Heavens!” A celestial ball of energy formed at the end of Morgannamon’s staff, but as BioCaturamon opened his mouth and began to roar, Morgannamon’s attack vanished. Morgannamon cringed, and the feathers of her wings ruffled themselves, shortly before becoming enveloped in the light of Digivolution and turning back into Celtinemon.

“I-I’m sorry…Giselle,” Celtinemon whimpered through the roar.

“Don’t worry; you did your best,” I said, giving my Digimon partner a kind smile, which seemed to make her feel better.

“Ah, the touching friendship between sisters mercenary,” BioCaturamon sighed. “But, make no mistake; the judgment of the Goddess shall blight out even your mutual love from this world in her righteous fury!”

“Lunar Blast!” BioCaturamon turned around, and BioNymphmon launched a sphere of bright pink energy into the Exalted Beast’s mouth, exploding instantly on impact. BioCaturamon was flung backwards, smoke and blood both pouring out of his mouth and between his sharp fangs.

“CURSE YOU! Goddess’s blood on your accursed heart, wench!”

“Come forth, MegaKabuterimon!” Mia held out a Digimon Talisman, summoning a massive Spirit between Bahira and Marissa. BioCaturamon leapt up, and grabbed MegaKabuterimon’s giant horn in his teeth. The Digimon Spirit tried to shake him off, but to no avail. Finally, MegaKabuterimon slammed his horn onto the ground, and pinned the Bio Hybrid to the ground.

“You poor, twisted soul; corrupted by darkness, you see the Goddess as a being of hatred and evil,” BioNymphmon said sadly. “Let it be by my light that you return to her side, and be accepted by her infinite graces.”

“No…No, wait!”

“Dazzling Gleam!” BioNymphmon’s entire body became enveloped in a bright light; although bright, I had no need to cover my eyes. I too became covered in the light. Its warmth was comforting; I felt all fear inside of me fade away to nothingness. The agony in my heart vanished; the angst in the pit of my stomach settled down. BioCaturamon, however, howled viciously, and began to fade away. “…Poor thing. The Goddess loves us. All of us. Even you…and even someone like ShadowSeraphimon.” BioCaturamon shut his eyes, and lay dead in his Human form, his data vanishing away completely.

“He’s…he’s really gone!” I exclaimed. “Marissa, you did it! You defeated Bahira!” The tiny Bio Hybrid clumsily landed on the ground, and turned back into her Human form, breathing heavily.

“…That…kinda took a lot out of me,” Marissa sighed. “I…I need to rest…for a bit…Sorry…”
Zelda Kasuto

A soft and gentle golden light spilled out onto me. My eyes opened; I lay on the ground on my side. I raised my head, and groggily looked around. Aside from the warm light, there was only pitch-black darkness.

Where am I this time? I wondered. Still inside of Sakkakumon, I knew that much. Gradually, I made myself stand up. Still, I saw nothing. Reluctant to leave this warm and comforting light, I did so anyway. I knew I couldn’t remain still, after all, if I wished to return home. But then suddenly, a row of benches, all facing one direction, materialized in the darkness. What was going on here? I looked closer. The benches that seemed to just pop into existence weren’t simply that; they were pews, like in a church. My heart froze. An ornate podium materialized at the front of the pews. Standing calmly at the podium was none other than my own father, Dominimon.


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Sep 14, 2017
Chapter 182 - Father and Daughter Destiny

Zelda Kasuto

My heart froze. An ornate podium materialized at the front of the pews. Standing calmly at the podium was none other than my own father, Dominimon. The Angel Digimon stepped forward.

…S-Stay calm, Zelda…It…It could be a different Dominimon…It could have started out as an entirely…different Digimon…

“…Zelda, my beloved daughter,” the Digimon said, his voice barely above a whisper.


“Before that man took my life…I never really had the chance to spend much time with you,” Dominimon said. Were I able to see his face behind the steel helm, I knew that he would be smiling. “If I had known I would be forced to leave you, I would have spent as much time as possible with you. No…I would have done something to prevent leaving you, of course…And…I would let you know just how much I love you…Zelda…”

“N-No…why…WHY?!” I screamed. “Why did you have to…”

“Zelda…I’m sorry…I never meant to hurt you,” Dominimon whispered.

“No…not just that…Why…Why did you have to show up inside of Sakkakumon?!” Dominimon looked somewhat taken aback. “I…don’t want to fight you…to get out of here…I’d rather be killed myself than be forced to fight my own father…But I…I have to go back! I have to get back to Lachesis…My friends are waiting for me, and I can’t let them down!”

“Zelda…I’m sorry I never told you about ShadowSeraphimon,” Dominimon whispered. “What he was capable of, and that he was my brother…If I had, then maybe I wouldn’t have…had to leave you. But I never thought that he’d have any need of my DigiCore like this…”

“I know. I-I know…I know how much you love me, father…and I want to tell you how much I love you, and how much I missed you…before I…I…”

“Before you have to fight me.” Hearing the words come out of his mouth struck my heart like the sharpest of swords. Tears dripped down either side of my face, and I nodded my head in response to Dominimon’s statement. Dominimon knelt down next to me, and clasped his hand tenderly over my shoulder. “Zelda…I want you to know, that I could never fight you, as much as you could never fight me. But, it’s as you say; I need to be defeated before you can leave this place.”

“F-F-Father…p-please…don’t…take your own life,” I whispered. “Watching you die once was more than I could bear. I couldn’t…dare…to watch you again. But I…have to, don’t I?”

“Zelda…If that is what you wish…then I shall not do so,” Dominimon said. “You should know…that ShadowSeraphimon foresaw this. The two of us, meeting up like this…He gave me a piece of his darkness.”

“W-What are you talking about?” I asked. Dominimon turned to face me. His Mark, placed at the center of his forehead like Matthew, shone in the light.

“In order to force us to fight, ShadowSeraphimon tainted my DigiCore with his darkness. That way…we can truly fight.” Dominimon stood back up. The darkness of the room seemed to race towards my father, and covered him completely, golden wings and all. “Zelda…let me tell you, one final time, how much I love you…before this side of my mind vanishes completely into the darkness…”

“No…Father, no!!!” A long right arm grew out from the shadows, seemingly made entirely of bone. His golden wings merged, and formed a long, flowing cape. Eventually, the rest of the darkness faded away. My father had turned into a completely different Digimon. “F-Father …?”

“Not…anymore. I am the darkness of ShadowSeraphimon placed into your father’s soul brought to life. My name is Bagramon. People know me as the Sage of Death.”


“I am not your father, you pathetic sniveling wretch!” With his longer, right arm, Bagramon reached out and struck me across the face. I was sent flying backwards almost two feet, but felt almost no pain when I reached up to feel the wound. It bled, and was undoubtedly a dark shade of red, but still felt no pain.

I guess I just got used to it, from when my mother used to hit me…I smiled. With only his large hand, Bagramon picked me up by my left arm, and placed me back up on my feet.

“Your father…doesn’t exist anymore, princess. And it is by Lord ShadowSeraphimon’s decree that you fall into eternal darkness!” My smile widened just slightly.

…I never thought I’d be thanking ShadowSeraphimon for anything. If it were Dominimon, I don’t know if I could do it. I guess he thought that Bagramon would be just as hard for me. And a younger me might have succumbed. But I’ve changed. Dominimon is…gone. Nothing can change that. And as Bagramon said, he is not my father. I can do this. I will destroy him…and get back home to my friends! That weakling from 500 years ago who used to pathetically stammer in the face of such adversity as this no longer exists; I’m a stronger woman now. I will fight to protect my friends, no matter the cost! “Come forth, Seadramon!”

“Ice Blast!” Bagramon held up his hand, and blocked the attack with ease.

“…I’m a little surprised you chose to fight back, wench,” Bagramon said. “ShadowSeraphimon didn’t think you would. I must give credit where credit is due. But the strength of your Spirits is beyond pathetic!” Bagramon reached and grabbed Seadramon by the neck and tore his head off with a single flick of his wrist. The Spirit tried to fight back, but vanished from sight immediately. It was indeed a gruesome sight that made my stomach lurch, but as a Digimon Spirit, I knew that Seadramon would be okay.

“Okay; one Spirit down…Come forth; Greymon and Dokugumon! Use the combination attack!”

“Poison Thread!”

“Nova Blast!” I smiled. It was a classic, simple combination, but a favorite of ours that we had devised. Dokugumon covered Bagramon in a mass of thread, and Greymon lit it ablaze. Almost immediately, Bagramon was consumed in flames.

“All right, nice work, you two! Okay, Okuwamon! Let’s finish this up!”

“Double Scissor Claw!” The third of my summoned Digimon Spirits rushed out towards the towering Bagramon, and lashed out repeatedly with his sharp, massive claws. Bagramon yelled some unintelligible word or phrase, and slashed Okuwamon with his own claws, instantly defeating the Spirit.

“Savage Cyclone!” From his skeletal claw, Bagramon unleashed a massive windstorm that consumed Greymon and Dokugumon in a dark whirlwind, instantly destroying them as well.

“Jeez…He’s so strong,” I whispered. But then, so was Dominimon…Wait, that’s it! Dominimon!

“Time to say your prayers to the Goddess, princess!” Bagramon growled. “Any final words?”

“…I guess you must think you’re pretty tough, beating up a little girl,” I said slyly. “Gotta say though, you aren’t even close to being as strong as Dominimon. About a fifth, I’d say. Maybe a sixth or seventh. Tenth at most. Pretty weak, really.”

“WHAT?! How dare you?!”

“She dares because she knows it to be true.” It was Mercurymon who spoke, having materialized on his own as he so often did. “Your darkness has made you weak, Bagramon. Dominimon was a strong, powerful warrior! You…are nothing of the sort!”

“…You…YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill ALL of you!!!”

“Go ahead and try, weakling! I knew Dominimon for many a century, and your power does not begin to compare to his! You are a disgrace!”

“Astral Snatcher!”

“Dark Reflection!” Bagramon’s claw reached out and struck one of Mercurymon’s shields. At once, the Demon Lord was struck with a blast of immensely powerful light energy. Bagramon roared in pain, and his arm began to fade away before my very eyes.

“Good riddance…Bagramon,” I whispered gently. Bagramon fell to his knees, and faded away. In his place remained Dominimon. “…F-Father.”

“Zelda…I am…proud of you,” Dominimon whispered. “Thank you…for freeing my soul…”

“…Yes…father,” I whispered. My eyes began to well with tears, but I refused to cry. “I…I love you, father…”

“And I you…my beloved…Zelda,” Dominimon said. “Zelda…I…” I closed my eyes, nodded and smiled, for I knew in my heart that he may be reborn someday. Apollomon and Dianamon were, after all. My sadness faded with the last sight of my father.

“…We’ll meet again someday…Father,” I whispered. The beautiful church shined in a radiant, ivory light. I felt myself being transported from the dimension within Sakkakumon, and out onto the ground of the outside world. I opened my eyes. All of my friends were around me, and that was all that mattered to me. All that remained were ShadowSeraphimon and Sakkakumon. “Mercurymon…let’s do this!”

“To arms, milady!” Mercurymon nodded.