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Sep 16, 2022
Hello and how goes the hunt? (How are you?)

I recently got inspiration for a Digimon fan fiction story or two. I am fairly new to Digimon series and very new to this forum. I have only watched the adventure series and just finished the series last night so my knowledge of the series lore is not that great hence a need for a co-author/s for this story

Just a warning, because of what I have in the works and thanks to my OCs this story will be rated M.

Story I am planning would be using the adventure series characters but would love to have co-author/s add their OCs to this story as well. While I have my own group of OCs, that I'll explain and discuss with co-author/s, and have a world build around them, the world I have would require some modifications to be made to it because of all things from Digimon world. Story would most likely have to be AU obviously.

While I've tried to search for similar Digimon stories what I have planned I haven't been able to find any so I haven't gotten any good reference points.

Here are some basics:
1: Some of the ideas I've gotten come mainly from the Kizuna final evolution movie. However I'm looking to add co-author/s ideas as well

2: My OC group at least few of them arrive to Japan for their own objectives where they by pure luck come across the digidestined and their partners. This is kinda two parter: first contact scenario 1 is: digidestined finding out there being Digimon on earth and are trying to send it back to digital world, my OCs are on their own mission when they are forced to engage the Digimon, they do not really know what they are facing however thanks to what they have in their arsenal they are able to kill the Digimon. Because of them being there in secret and what they do for living they would be masked and unrecognisable. Also during this encounter I have an idea for Hikari thinking of her health during the first season of the series but more of that with co-author/s.

Scenario 2: this would be in a way off duty for my main OC. My main OC would be walking home/safe house during the fight with Parrotmon in Kizuna a slight oversight by the digidestined responding to its appearance and main OC of mine gets injured thanks to falling debris but would be discovered by most likely Takeru and Hikari and the Digimon seeing as they have most free time at that point, Digimon most likely however staying hidden because what just happened as the two of them helps main OC of mine to hospital.

There would be times when my group would be assisting the digidestined with their work with getting the Digimon back to digital world.

I also have few other scenes in mind, one which I was writing last night after finishing watching last of the series. This scene would be quite informative to the digidestined and their partners what kind of people my group is.

Edit: forgot to mention, the events that digidestined have to deal with from Kizuna and reasons why my group of OCs are in the country are connected. However there is more to the events than the digidestined realise, they only know the surface of the things and my group of OCs are after the people in the shadows.

Small addition to the story. Few things I have going on in my OCs story world which I can handle if co-author/s don't have knowledge of series: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., girls frontline, Honkai Impact 3rd.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. explanation: my main OC character knows a person from 'The Zone' and frequents the place. Bit here about the place, any outside electronic here will literally fry itself and if you're unlucky the reaction is hard enough that the electronics explode. Place requires special built electronics to work. And it doesn't matter even if you are a veteran in that place a single wrong move a single breath or blink of an eye can be your last. My OC has bitten the dust almost here more times he or I can count. Only ones who truly are mostly safe here are the Monolith faction.

Girls frontline: main OC has managed to take control of 3 key teams from the game but has other characters/T-Dolls from the series. DEFY task force, AR team and 404 are part of this as well as is SV-98 who is my main OC's adjutant.

Bit on these three teams, they are classified T-Dolls unknown to general population and thanks to this can pass off as normal humans.

Honkai: fellows of a organisation my OC is part of.

Edit: May 3rd 2023. I'm still looking for coauthors for the story, things got hectic and didn't have time to check the forums, but things have finally settled down. I'm also looking for people who might be able to help with things like getting the Digimon characters to stay in character as much as possible with possible changes of the story goes that way. These helpers don't need to be co-authors.
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