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Sep 8, 2006

We already knew of a few different Digimon things being done for AGF, and another has been added.

During AGF, on November 7th and 8th, there will be a Limited Base 'branch office shop' at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Cultural Central.

It looks like there may be 2 of them, both Booth 31. One in the Corporate Exhibition Area on Exhibition Hall D on the 2nd floor, the other on Exhibition Hall 3 on the 3rd floor. (Or perhaps the way the floors are setup it's in a position where it's considered part of both?)

It's worth mentioning this is 'not' the Digimon Shop 4 at LB Pop-Up Theater Limited Base shop announced recently.

Digimon related items for the shop appear to be in flux at the moment, as earlier there was one listing for products, and now there is 2.

Both listings are for items that have been at prior pop-up stores, and the Digimon items are also included under a notice that they will appear at future Pop-Up Theater shops.

Based on listing info we expect they are showing old photos to not 'yet' reveal potential new items mixed in (based on the amounts given.)


The otedama return! It lists that there will be 28 varieties. The image is from the Kizuna otedama from earlier this year. The ones in the photo will be available, not including V-mon, Armadimon, and Hawkmon. They are 650 yen each.


And then we have the travel stickers. These travel stickers can be placed on your bag when you travel or anywhere you want them. They are 700 yen each and they list there are 24 of them.

Nothing large, but it'll be interesting to see if we get new otedama, especially since they would likely show up at the next pop-up shop opening soon.


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