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Apr 28, 2019
Seattle, Washington
it doesn't really feel like Digimon Survive will give us any new digimon
I don't know, every Digimon game in the past few years makes an effort to add at least one never before seen Digimon and even the Adventure: reboot did this in the first episode with the Algomon. It only makes sense the new Digimon would be for the protagonists
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Jul 10, 2016
That said, I'd prefer them to be handled/triggered like in Fire Emblem games, i.e. via combat, not (only) VN-style, but I'm fine with it. Three routes should mean nine endings, which would give each character enough opportunities for one to three potential deaths throughout the whole narrative. Well, technically there could be less, of course, but not doing at least the traditional trio of bad/average/good endings for each route would have me seriously question why they'd even bother making a visual novel experience at all, let alone one with a fairly large cast marketed on (implied to be high) chance of character deaths.
Maybe it'll be like Undertale/The Walking Dead. The broad strokes of the story remain the same, but the nuances of how certain characters feel, their interpersonal attitudes towards eachother, conversations that do and don't occur and the enemy encounters it triggers will all differ along the way; Ultimatly leading to a handful of major ending changes, with smaller nuances sprinkled in. I think that's a great way to make the writing feel meaningful without heavily increasing the work-load. Through the power of flow-charts!