Lets get real about survive ! Be honest !


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Jan 24, 2020
I'm sitting here watching videos about survive and I'm keen as fuck on this ( Im not gonna hold anything back! If you don't like swearing stop reading! ) im watching now and as I watch and learn more about the game im realising it's everything I wanted in a digimon game. I honestly don't give a flying FUCK! that it's not a collect them all like cyber sleuth. I believe we don't need that we need something different. This is the game that will change digimon forever i can guarantee that. For all the people that are on the fence about digimon and the games this will hook them into our world! They will love digimon like everyone on this forum, LIKE US! So i wanna hear from all the fans of digimon do you agree? What do you wanna see in survive? No matter what, this is the game we have been wanting. So everyone be honest myself and everyone wanna know what you think! Everyone speak your mind! :)