Leadup to Tri Week 38- Serial Experiments Lain


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Sep 8, 2006
The entire series, 13 episodes.

Serial Experiments Lain

As for content warnings, I can't say as I haven't seen this one. I'd assume heavy drama and depressing plot, violence and ecchi perhaps, who knows!

Subbed on Hulu for free- http://www.hulu.com/serial-experiments-lain
Subbed on Funimation for free- http://www.funimation.com/shows/serial-experiments-lain/videos
Subbed on Youtube for free- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL29CFFB0C178E4903

Honestly, I haven't seen Lain even though I know the plot. It's supposed to be very good, the mood and general plot just never struck me as something I wanted to see.

The series begins with a suicide and goes on to comment on people and technology (well... most of that is an understatement, but I don't want to spoil it.)

I picked this one despite me not having seen it because it's a bit different than much of what I've chosen thus far (we've done a few dark things like Hellsing Ultimate, but those are also purposely ludicrous and crazy, while this is a bit more personal, etc.)

One thing that will be of interest to Digimon fans is Chiaka Konaka wrote this prior to Tamers and you'll recognize a few familiar names, and even a few themes that while not 100% a match for what he did with Tamers, will at least seem recognizable. Those who liked his work in Tamers but aren't familiar with his other work will likely be interested to see what he wrote when others are in charge of the project and he doesn't have to give any thought to it being kid friendly.

As for Digimon connections minus Konaka... there is only really one major one on the Japanese side, and it's a bit interesting. The character Alice in Lain is voiced by Yoko Asada, who voiced Juri Katou in Tamers, which some might see as odd when you consider there is not only a girl named Alice in Tamers, but a girl with the name of Juri Katou in Lain...

On the dub side, we have one interesting connection: Lain herself is voiced by Bridget Hoffman... who voiced Jeri in the Tamers dub. Various other Digimon actors show up in various rolls, often using pseudonyms.

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Here's an embed of the first episode subbed.


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Aug 11, 2009
Finished the series tonight. It was interesting, I guess. I couldn't have told you what was going on in any given scene, and I'm still not entirely sure that I have the plot figured out, but I have a better idea now than when I started. I feel like I'll have to come back and watch the series again later now that I know the premise. It'll probably make a lot more sense the second time around. Still, even though I didn't understand most of it, it was sort of mesmerizing to watch, so even the first time through I didn't mind the confusion much. Come to think of it, this is the first anime we've watched in the leadup that might be said to fit into the horror genre, at least in some places. Not sure I'd want to watch another right away, but it was a unique experience.


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Jan 15, 2013
Bought the series some time ago when it was re-released. At thirty-six bones it seemed like a good enough deal for the blu-ray, DVD, and some booklet I never bothered to read. Then it went down a few dollars a couple months later, but w'ever.

I'm assuming OP finished it some time ago given how short it is and therefore their idea of what it'll contain having been dashed and having been replaced with crazy pseudo-philosophical mumbo jumbo about a girl who becomes God over the internet.

Good series, highly recommend it.