Leadup to Tri Week 33- Tokyo Ravens


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Sep 8, 2006
Roughly half of the series, 12 episodes this time.

Tokyo Ravens

Some mild violence and a bit of ecchi, but I don't remember much honestly.

Subbed and Dubbed on Hulu for free- http://www.hulu.com/tokyo-ravens
Subbed and Dubbed on Funimation for free- http://www.funimation.com/shows/tokyo-ravens/videos/episodes

Tokyo Ravens is interesting in how it treats it's characters.

It'd be easy to have them all be cookie cutter based on the way the plot goes (some aspects of which skew quite obvious) but they all have some decent, if superficial depth to them.

I appreciate how at least one character shows up for only a few episodes and seems like that will be it, and then the person shows up later as a main character with a heavily tweaked personality with additional fleshing out of their backstory.

I'd call it a drama with action and comedy, and it does it well. I quite like how much like A Certain Magical Index, the show feels split into mini arc chunklets.

The art style is what I would call interesting, but not exactly doing anything special.

Hope you guys enjoy.

I looked around and could find no major Digimon connections.

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Here's the OP embedded as a small preview.


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Aug 11, 2009
Belatedly getting around to posting about this series, which I liked so well that I finished it a day or two early. It was nice to get back to some action after something as laid-back as last week's show. This one drew me in well. I liked the characters (even the more minor ones), storyline, and fight scenes. Japanese occultism and mythology, while interesting, is not something I'm particularly knowledgeable about, so for the most part I was left to drawing parallels between the concepts mentioned in the series and their counterparts in things like Digimon. This was necessarily imperfect, and I was disappointed that I couldn't figure out a way to match each of the Twelve Divine Generals up to their respective Deva (speaking of which, it seems like we only met half the group in this first season).

If I had any complaint about this series it would be that occasionally all the different Japanese names made it a little hard to follow, particularly when it came to the intricate family-related stuff (it would have helped if any of these kids looked remotely like their parents). The workings of magic was also difficult to get a grasp on, but I basically did what I did watching Index and just went with whatever without trying to figure stuff out. Hope the show gets a second season.