Leadup to Tri Week 32- Ai Yori Aoshi


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Sep 8, 2006
Half of season 1 this time, so 12 episodes.

Ai Yori Aoshi

Generic ecchi warning, relatively mild.

Subbed on Hulu for free- http://www.hulu.com/ai-yori-aoshi
Subbed on Funimation for free- http://www.funimation.com/shows/ai-yori-aoshi/videos/episodes

Going with a show I had in my back pocket as a 'this will be good at some point' since I'm a bit busy this week.

I remember being introduced to this show via a short that was shown at Anime Expo 2002 and having no idea what it was, but enjoying that it was a harem series that had a different mood and pace to it. Bit unique for a harem show that form moment one the main guy and girl get together, and the only reason any harem element exist is they have to keep their relationship a secret.

I like that while it has it's ecchi and wild moments, the pace of the show is a bit slower than many other anime like this.

While we are watching it subbed, I also recall this being one of the first times I remember in a dub that honorifics were kept.

Great show, enjoy!

The show has more than a few connections on the dub side, for Japanese the only one I recall is that you'll hear Masaru from Savers if you listen closely...

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Youtube doesn't have all the episodes, but here is an embed of episode 1 subbed.


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Aug 11, 2009
Finished the first season tonight. Per usual, I enjoyed the series pretty well, in spite of a few minor drawbacks. The sickly-sweet romance stuff is a little hard for me to stomach, so many of the Aoi-centric episodes were kind of an annoyance. Aoi herself struck me as rather colorless, as I suppose is only to be expected of the traditional Japanese feminine ideal. She came across less as a real person and more as the embodiment of a male fantasy (albeit not the kind anime usually employs). But I didn't hate her, and the rest of the series was fine. Funny in places, with occasional dramatic moments that ranged from unintentionally amusing to genuinely powerful (the dinner scene in episode 11 being the emotional high point for me). One of these days I'll have to watch the second season as well.