Leadup to Tri Week 3(ish)- High School DxD


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Sep 8, 2006
A few people weren't enjoying Index, while others have mentioned in private blowing through it, so since Index is a show that was scheduled for weeks 2 and 3, here is a nice alternate (both in that it's content is highly different than Index's, and just as a second show to take a look at.)

Big ecchi warning, relatively mild violence warning (big ecchi warning...)

Funimation has the first 4 episodes subbed, and the first 2 episodes dubbed for free- http://www.funimation.com/shows/high-school-dxd/videos
I actually prefer the dub for DxD, as it adds some amusing flavor.

If you have the DVDs, Blu-rays, or any other way to watch the show you can watch them however you want.

The entire show isn't available for free, but since this is more a show being used as filler and as an alternative to Index, decided that was alright. A new full series will be posted for week 4.

I picked DxD because while obscenely pervy, it actually has an interesting story and characters that hold up even if you remove all the perverted happenings (although to the shows credit, it goes out of it's way to try and actually integrate the perverted stuff into the show properly, which is an interesting change from shows generally just 'having it happen').

Back to a full, but short, series next week (and the next one will have some strong Digimon ties to it.)

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Luckily there are a couple episodes on Youtube, so I'm embedding the first here subbed

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Sep 10, 2006
I have seen a episode and I think an OVA. And I can agree. This is very Ecchi. The sequel has the title shaped like boobs. Look it up.