Leadup to Tri Week 27- Tenchi Universe


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Sep 8, 2006
Half of the series this time... 13 episodes.

Tenchi Universe

Mild violence, mild ecchi, not much to worry about.

Subbed on Hulu for free- http://www.hulu.com/tenchi-universe
Subbed on Funimation for free- http://www.funimation.com/shows/tenchi-muyo-tenchi-universe/videos/episodes

You might be thinking we already did Tenchi.... but we might as well take a look at what happens when a Japanese franchise decides to just start over and do things different.

Tenchi was done as OVAs that were a bit different, so what happens when it decides to just be a weekly TV show?

Much is similar, although there are lots of little mini arcs that finish on a normal basis to give a harder semblance of a week to week plot. Most of the same characters come back in ways that are familiar, along with a few new ones.

In Japan the title of this show is actually just Tenchi Muyo! same as the OVA series (although often a 'TV' is appended for clarifications sake.)

Will just copy paste the Digimon connections I did for Tenchi last time.

Tenchi himself is voiced by Masami Kikuchi who will be familiar to Digimon fans from more than a few roles... he had almost a dozen different roles in Adventure and Zero-Two, but most people will recognize him as Jou and Demon. In Tamers he was Grani and Rob McCoy. In Frontier he was the narrator AND Neemon. In Savers he was Kurata and Belphemon. And in Xros he was Damemon. His roles outside Digimon are so numerous it would take pages to just to explain them all.

Ayeka is voiced by Yuko Mizutani. Most of us would recognize her as Sora among many other non Digimon roles.

And the primary villain in Tenchi is voiced by Norio Wakamoto, one of the best known 'villain' actors in anime. he didn't do much in Digimon, but his IceDevimon in Frontier was certainly memorable.

No real dub connection this time... some people think Bob Papenbrook and Jay Hopper are the same person but I'm not 100% sure... hard to tell with the early Tenchi dub, as they used alias', but there are some vocal differences... So no obvious connection this time (this time anyways... later bits of dubbed Tenchi have at least once interesting appearance.)

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Here's the old custom intro for Tenchi Universe that was made for when it aired on Toonami many years ago....

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Sep 10, 2006
Oh yeah. Tenchi 2. Besides the No Need For titles (I think those are a pun with the title), we have Kiyone, Mihoshi's long suffering partner. And I think those big floating logs actually had guys in them. ...Or was that the next Tenchi series?


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Aug 11, 2009
For some reason I can't remember, I wasn't able to watch this show the week it was assigned. So, since this week's show was only available on Hulu (which never seems to work for me), and isn't really what I'd call an anime anyway, I decided to go back and watch this. Having previously watched and enjoyed Tenchi Muyo the OVA series (minus the long-delayed last part of it), this was sort of an interesting experience for me, seeing what was changed and what was kept the same. I liked the show, though I think on the whole I liked the OVA better. The changes made to various characters' backstories tended to deprive them of a little depth in many cases, but maybe I'm just prejudiced in favor of the original. Ayeka and Mihoshi were a little less likable than I remembered them being (maybe in the latter case I just felt bad for Kiyone), as well. A lot of filler episodes, but that's nothing to be shocked about. I did have to wonder how they managed to finance their space journey despite the costs of stocking restaurants, buying swimsuits, etc.

Well, hopefully next week I can go back to being a participant (probably the only participant) in the leadup without having to go back in time. And I guess I'll be looking forward to eventually seeing this story play out... what is it, three more times? Are the franchise's two spinoff series (Dual and Geminar) worth watching? And what about the various "Sammy" series? I've yet to watch any "magical girl" shows, and I don't know whether that might be a decent introduction to the genre.