Leadup to Tri Week 11- Date A Live


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Sep 8, 2006
12 episodes this time, and we also begin looking into the prior work of people behind tri.

Date A Live

Content warning is about what's expected- Mild violence, ecchi material.

Subbed and dubbed on Hulu for free- http://www.hulu.com/date-a-live
Subbed on Funimation for free- http://www.funimation.com/shows/date-a-live/videos/episodes

In general people want stuff from the people behind tri. but the streaming options were limited so I was holding off until we were getting closer to when we assume it airs. Since we are pretty close I'll start splicing that stuff in.

This one is a short 12 episode series that's already gotten a sequel (everything after episode 12 is the sequel.) It's not high budget but has some decent and creative action scenes, mixed in with your standard slice of life type stuff with some haremy stuff mishmashed in. I haven't finished it so I'll be trying to keep up also.

Of course, the primary Digimon connection here would be that Date A Live is directed by Keitaro Motonaga, the director of Digimon Adventure tri. I haven't watched the full series yet, but it's interesting to see how some of the animation is dealt with since it's obvious they didn't have a large budget here (a theme in the stuff he's directed seems to be working around lower budgets to create the appearance and style of having more money than they do.)

We also have two other decent connections for recent Digimon stuff. The female lead is voiced by Marina Inoue who Digimon fans will recognize as... Tagiru from Hunters. And Ayana Taketatsu appears as the main character's younger sister. Her first Digimon role is as the Tower Records tie in character in Cyber Sleuth.

Feel free to post as you want and to make any suggestions regarding how I made the thread. Improvements can always be made.

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Nothing really embedded episode wise on Youtube... so here is the OP.



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Aug 11, 2009
I've watched through the first 8 episodes the past couple nights, since I intend to get through the second season as well by the end of the week.

I have to say that when I first grasped the premise of the series and realized the significance of the title I was a little taken aback. Putting dangerous invaders through a real-life dating sim was the most Japanese solution imaginable. Once I got past the ridiculousness of the idea though (and for some reason it wasn't as easy as it was, say, with Ben-To), I started to enjoy the series as much as I have the previous leadup anime. At times, though, it will hit me anew. Of course, not only are all the Spirits pretty young girls, all the members of the AST are as well (and their armor was clearly designed by perverts -
hopefully Shido could have done without seeing the top half of his sister's ass
in episode 8). Makes it kind of funny in episode 7 when an AST member expresses surprise that the best of them is a "little girl."

The characters are likable enough - even the one who does nothing but comment on how "gross" things are. There's little that we haven't seen before, but that's to be expected. Yoshino strikes me as a combination of the Digimon characters Juri and Nat-chan, while Reine constitution bears some resemblance to that of Hyatt from Excel Saga. It's also worth noting that Tohka's behavior during episode 3's date gave me diabetes.

There do seem to be some weaknesses in the JSDF's (or whatever its called) strategies. The dating sim-style three options are a little cramping, though at least they had the good idea to distribute an actual game so they could crowd-source certain things. Also, the AST seems more often to work at cross-purposes to Shido and his handlers than to aid them. For Origami to pursue vengeance is one thing, but the organization as a whole seems rather trigger-happy. And finally, the space-quake alarm sounds like a depressed slide whistle, which doesn't really scream "emergency."