Leadup to Kizuna Week 18 (Devkyu Guest Slot 2!)- Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan


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Sep 8, 2006
After Tenchi Muyo something newer seemed like it'd be fun...

And Devkyu volunteered to a pick another one since she enjoyed doing it the first time, so here we are!

Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan!

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No real content warnings for this one.

The series can be watched on the following officially:
Subbed and dubbed on Netflix

We'll do the full series, which is 12 episodes.

The elements above (and below) are a combination of writing from Devkyu and myself, but the show description is all from her!

Dragon Pilot is a charming show where dragons are real and the government has been hiding them in plane sight. Heheh, plane. So yeah, dragons are dressed up as fighter jets and require a human pilot to bond with them and help control them in the air. Enter Hisone who doesn't have much in the way of motivation or life plans, so she joins the Japan Air Defense Force because she didn't bother putting any points on Charisma and has the most abysmal social skills. At some point she wanders into the wrong hanger and oh snap is that a dragon? Yeah, yeah it is. And it eats her. But no, it's all cool, because that's just how you pilot a dragon. Also this dragon appears to be an exceptionally picky jerk who they've been trying to find a pilot for. He might only love you for your delicious electronics, though.

Anyway, it's cute and there's DRAGONS and they turn into JET PLANES so it's kind of like Transformers but scalier.

We have a few Digimon connections this time, all from characters who appear to be important secondary characters. Counting smaller parts there are quite a few more, but we'll just go with these couple of bigger ones from both languages...

From the Japanese...

Romi Park plays Sada Hinomoto. Digimon fans would know her best as Ken from Zero-Two.

Rie Kugimiya plays Remi Kakiyasu. Digimon fans would know her best as Ikuto from Savers.

From the English...

Cindy Robinson plays Sada Hinomoto. In Digimon Fusion she was quite a few characters including... Ewan, Laylamon, Chibitortomon, and a number of other smaller parts (including both Lilymon and Lilamon.)

Kyle Hebert plays Shingo Maezawa. For Digimon he's done quite a bit. For Data Squad he was Belphemon (plus Beelzebumon in the game), in Fusion he was Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Greymon, and many others, and in tri. he was all of Agumon's evolutions.

I've embedded an ubsubbed trailer as a preview:

Feel free to post as you wish in this thread. You can post as you are watching, episode by episode, when you finish. Whatever you want. Try and give it a couple days for later spoilers so people have time to try and view stuff without spoilers, while still interacting in the thread (especially if you decide to keep watching past the episode listed as the last one for the leadup.) If you watch one episode and it isn't for you, pop in to explain why. Have fun with it!

A new show/movie will go up each Sunday night (or early on Monday), but feel free to keep talking about older shows in their threads, or even watching past the listed episode.

If you want to chat in the Discord you can.

Hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to make any suggestions or ask an questions regarding the threads or the shows also.

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Aug 11, 2009
This was a fun show. Great humor. The first thing that struck me about it was the art style, because of the way it exaggerates the usual minimalization of characters' noses, and how the adult protagonists look so much like kids. Beyond that, it was nice to watch a 12-episode show telling a self-contained story. A lot of anime I've watched tends to have a bunch of sequels or just die off without a much-needed continuation.