Leadup to Kizuna Week 17 (Classic Leadup)- Tenchi Muyo!


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Sep 8, 2006
After Yu Yu Hakusho for 2 weeks, plus Galko-chan as a short series inbetween, I decided to make this week a bit easier for me to do (I'm busy, with the holiday week I'm guessing many of you will be also...), so for this week it's a return of one we did in the old tri. leadup...

the original Tenchi Muyo! OVAs!

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Mild content warning. You occasionally get a non detailed nude body.

The series can be watched on the following officially:
Subbed and dubbed on Funimation.

We'll do the first 2 OVAs, which is 13 episodes, and for a long time was what existed for the OVAs alone.

Most of the rest of this is taken from when we did Tenchi for the tri. leadup, back when I had a lot more time to write these (not to mention deciding to do shorter intros this time around so the shows would speak for themselves a bit more.) There are a handful of updates though...

Tenchi is most definitely a classic. Great show, great characters, a relatively mild pace most of the time with the occasional action sequence. This seems to be what a lot of people are expecting from tri.

Tenchi is not only a classic, it's one of those shows that actually aired fully on American TV during the anime boom of the late 90s/early 00s. The Tenchi OVAs were the first time I got an anime DVD box in fact (a 3 disk set for the 13 episodes and a disk with extras) for... 120 maybe?

I think this is one that will bring back a lot of good memories for older anime fans, and those who haven't will get to see some of the earliest 'harem' content (although it's so mild by today's harem standards that newer fans I wouldn't be shocked if they find it almost quaint.)

Tenchi as a franchise has become rather long with various different timelines, and even spinoffs that take place in other dimensions but crossover with the main Tenchi stuff, but we will just be dealing with the 2 original OVAs which in the USA have always just been known as 'Tenchi Muyo' (and occasionally with an OVA appended to the end.)

A few updates since I originally wrote the above... A few weeks after we did Tenchi Muyo last time they did a 4th OVA series. And just recently a 5th OVA series has been announced that will be directed by tri. director Keitaro Motonaga. We've also gotten the 'True' Tenchi novels in English, which adapt Tenchi in a different format with a bit more detail.

We have a few fun Digimon connections this time...

Tenchi himself is voiced by Masami Kikuchi who will be familiar to Digimon fans from more than a few roles... he had almost a dozen different roles in Adventure and Zero-Two, but most people will recognize him as Jou and Demon. In Tamers he was Grani and Rob McCoy. In Frontier he was the narrator AND Neemon. In Savers he was Kurata and Belphemon. And in Xros he was Damemon. His roles outside Digimon are so numerous it would take pages to just to explain them all.

Ayeka is voiced by Yuko Mizutani. Most of us would recognize her as Sora among many other non Digimon roles.

And the primary villain in Tenchi is voiced by Norio Wakamoto, one of the best known 'villain' actors in anime. he didn't do much in Digimon, but his IceDevimon in Frontier was certainly memorable.

No real dub large connection this time... (at least not without possibly aliases.) Later Tenchi stuff has some interesting Digimon dub connections, but not here (a few people do show up, but nothing really large.)

I've embedded the first episode dubbed as a preview:

Feel free to post as you wish in this thread. You can post as you are watching, episode by episode, when you finish. Whatever you want. Try and give it a couple days for later spoilers so people have time to try and view stuff without spoilers, while still interacting in the thread (especially if you decide to keep watching past the episode listed as the last one for the leadup.) If you watch one episode and it isn't for you, pop in to explain why. Have fun with it!

A new show/movie will go up each Sunday night (or early on Monday), but feel free to keep talking about older shows in their threads, or even watching past the listed episode.

If you want to chat in the Discord you can.

Hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to make any suggestions or ask an questions regarding the threads or the shows also.

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Jun 1, 2013
I liked the first OVA. The second was thoroughly mediocre. Never heard anything good about OVA 3 and 4 but haven’t seen them. Tenchi Universe was pretty solid. Tenchi in Tokyo was crap. Never bothered with the extended universe series like Pretty Sammy and GXP.

There’s four Digimon dub connections that I am aware of. Wendee Lee the second voice for Kiyone in Tenchi in Tokyo was Young TK and various other roles. Mona Marshall, Ryoko’s replacement dub actress for the third OVA, is of course Izzy, Terriermon, and Lucemon. Barbara Goodson, who was the villain in the Tenchi movie “Daughter of Darkness” was TK and Matt’s mom Nancy Takaishii. And iirc Kirk Thorton who redubbed the bad guy in the Tenchi Muyo episode “Here Comes Jurei” for the Toonami airing was Gabumon and Mummymon.

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Sep 10, 2006
GXP is the lesser rated one. It's not about Tenchi but it does have him in it for an episode or two. It's not great but I've seen worse. Even just on Toonami.