Leadup to Kizuna Week 14- Super Gals


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Sep 8, 2006
Kill la Kill is fun, but decided to go with something wildly in the other direction this week...

Super Gals!

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No real warnings here. Super mild content and violence is about it.

The series can be watched on the following officially:
Subbed and dubbed on Crunchyroll
First half dubbed and second half subbed on Youtube

We'll do 13 episodes, a quarter of the series.
Small warning, if you decide to watch it dubbed and to keep going past the leadup, the dub ends at episode 26.

Super Gals follows Ran, the worlds greatest gal, and her friends in their various adventures in Shibuya. The show is just really fun to watch with amusing characters.

On top of Ran and her friends, there is a wide variety of recurring and main characters, included in this is Ran's family, who are all policemen.

It's been a long time since I watched Super Gals, but it used to be a great go to to recommend to people who weren't familiar with shoujo, as it's fun and an enjoyable watch.

Super Gals has also been unique in a few ways. Despite the original manga 'Gals' ending roughly 17 years ago, there have been occasional appearances of the characters (often to celebrate long runs of other manga), and even the release of the anime is a bit odd... the full series has never come out in Japan on DVD.

On top of that, just a few days ago it was announced by the original creator that she was bringing Gals back in just a few days (the first new chapter will be released in the middle of the leadup in fact), so it seemed like a great time to recommend the show.

As for Digimon connections... Super Gals has a ton from beginning to end. I listed a decent number of bigger ones, but there are a ton more small ones...:

Oma Ichimura plays Aya Hoshino, one of the leads, in Super Gals. Her main role in Digimon was Relena, Touma's sister, in Savers, but she also showed up as a Botamon in 02.

Ginzo Matsuo is Taizo Kotobuki (Ran's father) in Super Gals. In Adventure he shows up as TonosamaGekomon, and in the first Tamers movie he shows up as Takato's grandfather Wataru Urazoe.

Rie Kugiyama plays Sayo Kotobuki (Ran's sister) in Super Gals. In Savers she was Ikuto.

Kouki Miyata plays Masato Iwai, Sayo's boyfriend, in Super Gals. in Adventure he was a Bakemon, a Gekomon, and PicoDevimon.

Hiroki Takahashi plays Yamato Kotobuki, Ran and Sayo's older brother, and Miyu's boyfriend, in Super Gals. In Adventure he was Monzaemon and WaruMonzaemon, in 02 he was Daisuke's dad, in Tamers he was Impmon, Beelzebumon, and Dobermon, and in Savers he showed up as Omegamon.

Kenichi Suzumura plays Yuya Asou, one of the leads, in Super Gals. In Frontier he was Kouichi and his various Digimon forms.

Hiroshi Kamiya plays Rei Otohata, another lead, in Super Gals. IN Frontier he was Kouji and his various Digimon forms, and in Savers he showed up as Craniummon.

Daisuke Sakaguchi plays Naoki Kuroi, the younger brother of Tatsuki, in Super Gals. In Digimon he's most notably Hackmon in Appmon.

I've embedded a trailer as a preview:

Feel free to post as you wish in this thread. You can post as you are watching, episode by episode, when you finish. Whatever you want. Try and give it a couple days for later spoilers so people have time to try and view stuff without spoilers, while still interacting in the thread (especially if you decide to keep watching past the episode listed as the last one for the leadup.) If you watch one episode and it isn't for you, pop in to explain why. Have fun with it!

A new show/movie will go up each Sunday night (or early on Monday), but feel free to keep talking about older shows in their threads, or even watching past the listed episode.

If you want to chat in the Discord you can.

Hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to make any suggestions or ask an questions regarding the threads or the shows also.

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Aug 11, 2009
While there isn't really any aspect of this show that was outstanding, I liked it well enough. It wasn't great, but it was a fun way to spend some half hours. Nice characters, decent humor and... I guess you'd call it action? It was at least consistently amusing to watch noodly 16-year-old girls beating the hell out of people twice their size. The last episode we watched was kind of interesting, since I wasn't expecting anything
supernatural to happen in the series, though part of me thinks that the whole thing was just Ran getting revenge on her friends for all their nagging
. Probably my favorite part of the show was actually the ending song. It's not the sort of anime song I usually gravitate to, but it would stay in my head afterwards, and I grew to like it. I'll be returning to watch the rest of the series eventually.