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Sep 8, 2006
A few updates...

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The Digimon Shop at LB Pop-Up Theater has opened (it opened a little bit earlier than planned on day 1 due to the center opening early.)

This newest pop-up shop will be at the brand new Limited Base Pop-Up Theater at the Shibuya Parco (on the 6th floor.)

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Included at the shop will be a small theater that will show the Memorial Shorts. Only details for the first short being screened have been announced at the moment.

It will run November 22nd thru January 9th.

We covered the products and various other details here.

In addition a handful of other products have been added to the list of items the shop will have...

First up, exclusive to the shop....

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These rubber luggage tags feature Agumon and Patamon. There are 2 of them and they are 1,800 yen each.

Then we have the recently re-releases plushes:

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Patamon is 1,600 yen.
Agumon, Gomamon, and Tailmon are 1,800 yen each.
Piyomon and Palmon are 2,000 yen each.
Gabumon and Tentomon are 2,600 yen each.
The (larger) Terriermon is 4,800 yen.

As mentioned above, our previous details info on the shop can be found here.

Then the Miku shops...

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The 3rd Miku collaboration shop has opened at the Akihabara Container, which is right near the Akihabara Station Central Gate in Akihabara. It closes on November 27th.

The 2nd shop is still open for a few days on the 2nd floor of the Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka. It closes November 24th.

Product listings for those shops can be found here, here, and here.