Last Evolution Kizuna Pop-Up Shop at LB Theater in February & ReArise Event!


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Sep 8, 2006
Another shop already!

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The Digimon Shop at LB Pop-Up Theater
only closed a few weeks ago, but we already have news of a new one!

This time it will be a Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna shop!

The Limited Base Pop-Up Theater is at the Shibuya Parco (on the 6th floor.)

It will be open February 21st (the day the movie opens) and will run until April 16th.

Producer Yousuke Kinoshita mentioned in an interview that the second short would be made available when Kizuna is out, so it seems like a good guess that it'll be at the Pop-Up Theater.

Thanks to Famitsu for the info about the shop.


A Last Evolution event in Digimon ReArise! (The same one teased in V-Jump.)

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Some nice Adventure and 02 artwork for it!

Plus the promo banner...

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They mention to check the in-app details for info on missions, items, and companion Digimon. No details shows up in the international version of the game, so whether it will show up later for us, or is exclusive to Japan isn't know at the moment.

But we do have a great shot of V-mon with goggles!

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