Last Evolution Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station Re-Opening in January 2021


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Sep 8, 2006

A bit of a fun surprise...

The Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-On station closed early due to coronavirus earlier this year.

In fact, part 2, themed after the 02 characters as they appear in Kizuna, never even happened due to how long they were closed for. The shutdown was announced just a few hours after the part 2 details were announced as I recall.

It's been announced they will be opening the Kizuna Meeting Cafe once again!

It will be open January 14th through February 7th at the Ani-On Station Akihabara Main Store.

They will have a smaller capacity to have seats spread out to help stop the spread of coronavirus and seating will be by reservation only. Reservations start on January 8th.

The key art they are using is the art that was for part 2 of the Meeting Cafe.

More details will be announced in January. For example, they don't clarify this specifically as part 1 or part 2, at least for the moment.

Part 1 and Part 2 each had different exclusive food, drinks, and products, so it'll be interesting to see what shows up.

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