Kizuna Cast Photo, Upcoming Screening with 02 Guests, & Photo Contest in Japan


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Sep 8, 2006
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The screening of Kizuna with the cast and the director was earlier and various photos have popped up. Afterwards cast members appeared at a few other screenings in different groups.

There were various messages from cast members in interviews and social media. Based on time we will see 'if' we can get any of those translated, but for now we thought we'd share the nice wide shot of everyone.

On top of that...

A new special screening of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna has been announced to celebrate the successful opening of the film

It will be held at the Shibuya Toei on February 29th at 2:45pm.

A few different guests will be on hand for the screening...

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It's all of the actors for the 02 kids and Digimon from Kizuna!

They will be there after the screening.

Tickets will be 2,000 yen each and there will be three ticket groups. The Ticket Pia purchase page is here. The P-Code, if needed, is: 551-049

Ticketing will begin February 23rd at 10am via Ticket Pia (only and shops), along with 7-11 convenience stores.

A person can apply for up to 4 tickets.

And last up, Abema Times is doing a Twitter contest.

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The winner gets a signed photo of Miwa Matsuoka.

Those in Japan who want to enter have to:
Follow @AbemaTV & @AbemaTIMES.
RT this tweet. (Sort of spoiler warning for what it shows, so fair warning.)

Including another picture but spoiler warning it out, just in case:
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Our Kizuna discussion thread is here, and a spoiler thread is here. Expect spoilers in both.

Tickets for Kizuna in the US are officially on sale. For Fathom showings more theaters are sometimes added as it gets closer to release day, so you should check theaters near you on Fathom, Fandango, and Atom.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, the 20th Anniversary film for Digimon Adventure, is out in Japan and comes out March 25th in the US.


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