Justimon: Accel Arm Preview for Booster Set 11


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with a card preview from Booster Set 11 Dimensional Phase. This time it's Justimon: Accel Arm.

Justimon: Accel Arm features the Accel Arm form of Justimon using the named arm swinging as hard as it can, with explosions going off in the background.

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I'd rather roll
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Apr 28, 2019
I really love Justimon. Such a simple design for a mega but he's just so cool

Justimon: Accel Arm
Mega | Vaccine | Cyborg
Digivolve 1: if name contains [Justimon]
[When Digivolving] By returning 1 level 6 Digimon card, without [Justimon: Accel Arm], from this Digimon’s digivolution cards to its owner’s hand, this Digimon gets <Security Attack +1> and <Piercing> for the turn.
[When Attacking] If you have a Tamer in play, you may digivolve this Digimon into a Digimon card with [Justimon] in its name in your hand except [Justimon: Accel Arm] for a memory cost of 2, ignoring its digivolution requirements.


Completely digital
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May 19, 2017
Looking back on it, I guess one reason I've been okay with the Justimon arms being split into three separate Digimon (as much as others crapped on the idea) was because Hyper Colosseum presented cards depicting each of the three arms in their own, very distinct profile-ish artwork (which actually would end up being their profile arts). That, and it wasn't seeming unprecedented when we had things like MagnaGarurumon Detached as a unique playable in Hacker's Memory, to say nothing of all those DigiXroses (with profiles) that are effectively just Digimon+equipped weapon (hell, carrying or not carrying the Star Sword constitutes a whole different number in the ShoutmonX series). The difference between a simple stance change and a completely new form or Mode Change had really gotten blurred. Thus, I was actually playing around with the notion of Justimon having Mode Changes before they actually went and did it, and it was one of those moments that have since left me to wonder "What else could get a profile?"
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Resistance is Futile
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Aug 1, 2019
dn ǝpısuʍop
Well, I love the idea of MagnaGarurumon lightsaber mode card.


I'm a Maniac
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Jun 8, 2014
Honestly as much as I love Justimon as a Kamen Rider Reference I equally like the "Three Commanders" from World 3 who each use a different one of Justimon's Arms and how their original cards in the old card game gave them each a title.

Raijinmon the Commander of Thunderclaps.
Fujinmon the Commader of Gales.
Suijinmon the Commander of Waterfalls.

Then there is Raidenmon who they can Jogress/DNA Digivolve to who is named "The Ultimate Battle Fortress" in the cards as well.

This all combined really makes them look like part of a "Shocker" type Evil Organization that Justimon opposes and I really would love to see that approached in some media as an even bigger Kamen Rider reference.

Sparrow Hawk

You got in
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Feb 23, 2007
I'm really interested in Justimon X's future card to see what kind of effect he will have to affect trio arms effects to support.


You got in
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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
I guess this is a random, since it's not a thing from World or Fusion.