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Sep 8, 2006

The July Digimon Calendar has been uploaded!

'Digimon Calendar' will be delivered at the beginning of each month to allow easy 'at a glance' Digimon updates for what is coming up.

Digimon Calendar contains 2 sections...


The actual calendar, which is quick at a glance details. (Dates/days are for Japan, based on on where you live it might be off slightly.)

It should be noted, the info, while decently wide, is not comprehensive. For example, they aren't showing Fun Digica and various other things which might be released as a surprise, along with some things that they just aren't announcing specific dates for (and some things that they've just chosen not to list.)

If there is a symbol in the top right, that means there is a magazine with planned Digimon content (the 21st for V-Jump for example.)

The reddish box on Sundays is for episodes of Digimon Adventure: (with the orange box on Monday being on demand repeats.)

Yellow boxes are for videos delivered via Bandai (the ones with the logo are delivered by Bandai Mania, which has been Digimon Classroom, Road to Digimon Card Master, etc.).

The slightly greyish boxes on Thursday are for Digimon Card Battle episodes.

Digimon Profile is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month with the magnifying glass icon (as space allows.) Every other Wednesday is also a new fan poll.

There are also various additional things for June: (this isn't comprehensive, some smaller bits aren't translated)
July 2- Digimon Tamers Karatez Karaoke Collaboration, through August 29th
July 4th- Digimon Tamers 20th Pop-Up Shop (Currently open, Closes July 4th)
July 17th- Digiimon Adventure: Museum Exhibition, through November 14th
July 17th- Shop at LB Pop-Up Theater Nagoya, through August 1st
July 21st- Digimon Adventure: Big Agumon Plushes appear in crane games
July 28th- Dreamers by Ateez CD released, 5th Digimon Adventure: ED
July 30th- Digimon Card Game Booster EX-01 Classic Collection released
July 30th- Digimon Card Game 1st Anniversary Card Catalog released
July 30th- Shop at LB Pop-Up Theater Shibuya, Sendai, & Shinsaibashi, through September 29

On top of the calendar itself...


'Topics' covers a few specific items of note. These aren't 'always' related to the month, but are things they want you to know about.

The current Vital Bracelet Raid Boss is VenomVamdemon.
The rerelease of GEM Wizardmon & Tailmon will go up to pre-order in early July for 7,480 yen.
A quick overview of the Digimon Adventure: museum exhibit. 60 items used in the production of the show will be on display. There will also be an addition 110 items including products and elements from other Digimon shows, etc.
The Digimon Card Game 1st Anniversary Card Catalog is teased. When this was put together they must not have been sure if we would have seen the cards and cover yet.
The big Agumon plushes that will appear at crane games on July 21st.
The rerelease of the 'The Digimon' figures is teased. No specific information is given, minus that we should expect details in early July.

The July stuff is a pretty good overview of the content for the month. The biggest surprise is LB Theater Pop-Up shops!

The 3 opening on July 30th at are the current LB Pop-Up Theater locations. While the one opening on the 17th (and closing just under 2 weeks later) is listed as being at Nagoya, which doesn't currently have an LB Shop/Theater. The LB Shop in Nagoya (predating the Theater stores) closed back in 2018. So at the moment we aren't sure if this is a new shop being opened, or a temporary location in conjunction with some event or something else.

We also don't know if the shop opening on the 17th will be the same theme as the 3 opening at the end of the month, but it'll be interesting to see what pops up.

Due to the coronavirus the 5th and final Memorial Story Short never played at the pop-up theaters, so it's make a reasonable guess, for now, of what might screen there.


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