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Oct 28, 2018
Noriko Cartwright Digital World Log - 01
Digimon Research Academy SEA Branch
1st August 20XX

Odaiba Memorial Day! finally after 7 years waiting since I got my Digivice and met my partner Betamon which I named Rocky. Well at the time I think it's pretty weird how he seemed to be actually interacting with me on my Digivice before I learned about the Digital World few years later. And at last now It's my turn to enter the Digital World, I've been studying hard to be granted permission entering the said world where these creatures called Digimon coming from.

Even though it's been a few years where the gates connection are possible on some certain wavelength. Their ecosystem and biological or maybe I should say electronical function are still a mysteries to us. In the past science only can categorize living organism in biological terms so surely these Digimon are an anomaly to the academics society.

And at last now I can witness the environments and the Organism that I've only can see from the academic journal before this first hand! ah, I also found out from professor that the location I will drop off are a place called Railroad Plains on File Island she said that is the place where the boundaries between our world are somehow the weakest and easier to open.

Arrived on Digital World first thing that I notice the air are very clean unlike from the city where I'm from. Just like what I have read on the papers, I take a look around and found myself on the side of a lake with some electrical poles that somehow stuck in it,there's also trams scattered around the area near the lake.It's exactly look like what description is in the academic journal that I read before. Then I come to this realization that "I'm actually in the Digital World!" I thought to myself before I felt a slight nudge on my back.

Turned Around, I see a Green creature with sparkly eyes looking at me "R-Rocky?" without warning he suddenly jump at me causing me to lose balance and drop to the ground. I can't believe it It's really him! He told me of how long he have been waiting for me to finally come.
And luckily I also bring equipment to take picture for my time in the digital World and it looks like this is the right occasion to take one commemorating my first time coming to Digital World! which I attach on this message log.

Now I wonder what kind of thing I would find in this new world?

Ps : To professor Lucile, I arrived safely on the Coordinates! the signal seemed pretty strong here so I can send this message to you! also I got Rocky on my side now so don't worry about me. And as ordered for now I'll scout the area.

So anyway I'll send you log on my founds when I reach another location with a strong signal. Looking forward to contacting you again professor!

PPS : To Karen, Hey Karen! I'm sorry I forgot to tell you that today is the day that I will be able to go to the Digital world I hope you are not mad because of that but worry not I'll be waiting for your Arrival in this world just make sure to tell me the coordinates on where you will arrive and I will pick you up there!
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Feb 21, 2009
Billericay, England
Your grammar needs a bit of work, but so far this seems like a unique take on a Digimon story. I'm interested to see where you go with this.

Also, the artwork is absolutely fantastic! :D