Jeff Nimoy- Answers: December 18th, 2006 (Exclusive story inside!!)


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Sep 8, 2006
Since Mr. Nimoy knows where WtW is, it appears he will just nab the questions himself and e-mail me the answers whenever he has the time to answer, and he has already sent me answers from the questions posted today.

(Questions do NOT go in this thread, but feel free to comment)

Thanks to Jeff Nimoy for his time and thanks to everyone who spent the time to come up with good questions to ask him.

Q - "In the many changes between Season One and Zero Two, what would you say was your favorite change?"

A - Well, I certainly enjoyed writing for Davis and Veemon, that's for sure. Wormmon and Ken were fun too. But to be honest, I was sorry to see most of the season one characters go away. I thought there was a lot more to explore in those guys, and I would've loved to have seen another season with them, even if they were teenagers or in their 20's.

Q - "In relation to what you said at Anime North 2006, why, O why, did you decide to.. umm... 'secretly chamption gay rights in childrens' cartoons' and write Izzy and Tentomon as gay lovers? ><; (I always thought something was funny with their scripting.. )"

A - Well, what I said at Anime North is only partly true. Here's the REAL story (an exclusive for this site)! One day I was recording my character Tentomon, and I noticed that most of my lines sounded like I was in a gay relationship with Izzy. I never wrote it that way on purpose, but then I started thinking about it, and all the lines of the past seemed that way to me as well. I asked Kevin Newson, one of my sound engineers if he heard it too, and he soon realized the same thing. We couldn't stop laughing with every new line I recorded. It was shocking how many of the lines sounded like they were boyfriends. So after that I became aware of it, and for a little while there I was writing lines that if you just read it on the page, might have sounded like they were gay partners. But I never tried to voice the character that way. It was just my little joke with the engineers.

Q - "Do you know who is handling the dubbing of Digimon Savers? (official actions from official places suggests that Savers is indeed getting dubbed, although no official announcement has been made on that yet. Don't ask me how I know that -it's classified.)

A - If no official announcement has been made, then it must be classified, which means I can't say anything either. Sorry. Stay tuned.

Q - "Would you at any time be attending Anime North again? :3 (I missed you the first time around, but Pan-chan got my 'gift' delivered. ;] Hope you enjoyed that, so by the way"

A - I'm not sure which gift was yours, but I appreciated all the gifts given to me by the fans this year. For those of you that don't know, Quinton Flynn and I did a North American tour of anime cons last year, and we got to meet a lot of the fans, which was great. You can see some of our tour on YouTube. Anyway, I don't know if we have any more time for cons in 2007, but you never know. Watch for announcements at our myspace fan group pages.

Q - "To be completely frank, though respectful, many fans feel that Fox may have... mishandled the production of the first set of three movies. The Digi-rap felt mentally degrading at best, and Angela Anaconda is not an ideal Digimon icon. Not to mention, many scenes were outright cut from the third segment. In short, are you satisfied with how the movie as a whole ended up? What were some things you might have changed had you the chance?"

A - This is too long an answer for these pages. Please check out the Chris Feely interview (the link is above), for all the answer to your question and concerns.

Q - "Aside from the merging of the first three movies, were there any changes to the series that were forced on you by the higher-ups at Fox?"

A - Well, forced is too strong a word. Please don't be under the assumption that I was a champion for the original Japanese series, and I fought to keep it true. That wouldn't be accurate either. I was hired by the network to do a particular job, to change the original Japanese series into a fresh sounding American series. I know that pisses a lot of purists off, but you have to remember, TV is a business, and they were trying to sell lots and lots of toys and trading cards. You can't blame them for wanting the most commercial, appealing product they could create. And comedy is very appealing, so they wanted to make them funny. But the producers did get a little addicted to the comedy, and yes, many times I would like to just let the drama play, but they wanted something to lighten the mood. A classic note we got all the time was, "make funnier," which if you ever wrote comedy for a living, you'll know is not that easy. Sometimes it took forever just to come up with the thing we thought was funny, just to have the producers say, "make it funnier!" Anyway, there are thousands of purists out there, but there are millions of viewers that just want to simply be entertained, and unfortunately for some, the millions outweighed the purists, so it was my job to keep millions watching every week. Look at it this way though, because of the large audiences brought in by Digimon, there are now more pure animes on TV today. So there's something for everyone out there now.

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Sep 10, 2006
The South
Re: Answers: December 18th, 2006 (Exclusive story inside!!)

He's right though. Look at Naruto - sure, it mayy not be up there with the truly amazing or dramatic anime out there, but it's dubbed a heckuvva lot better than it could be. Sometimes I even find myself doing a double-take because the dialog is almost word-for-word with the Japanese.

Maybe there's hope for Savers yet. ;)

EDIT: Chris Freely interview?