Is Boltmon worth to invest in?


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Jan 18, 2020
I was thinking on buying Boltmon or Wargreymon plugins, but since BP medals are hard to accumulate I'm not so sure on what should I spent them. If I'm not mistaken Wargreymon is still a major DPS for clash even in JP version, but since it's not good for pvp I think its plugins are not so urgent.
The interesting thing about Boltmon obviously it's its crit buff passive, but since the BRV team I tried with Alphamon was too squishy and its DPS was not enough (Alpha still SLv6), I'm not sure if it's worth to invest on this. I thought of an alternate DPS team with Minerva & Boltmon passives, HiAndro def buff and Beelze & Alpha as nukers though.
My initial idea was spending the BP medals on try my luck with the skill stones for finish leveling up Beelzemon (Slv 7) and Alpha, but I was pretty unlucky with the brave large stone shards and Alpha ended up with Slv 6 instead of Slv 9, so I'm not sure anymore lol.