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Nov 25, 2006
Crappy title but I don't really care.

I'm a happy boy right now, well somewhat.

I graduated yesterday, well yeah last night since it's now 1 am. Took me an extra year because I started feeling really ill during the second semester last year, and missed a lot of school.

Anyways not only did I finally graduate this year, second in my family to do so, my mom didn't, don't think my dad did, and only one of my siblings that I grew up around had graduated so yeah, took me and my sister each an extra year, but hey we finished. 18 years apart also.

Well I got a scholarship, which was a cool surprise, nothing to big, 2500 a year for 2 years for any post high school education. It was a scholarship that the counselors and teachers select the recipients. So it was pretty good since I wasn't expecting anything, and with out a vehicle, or nearby community college, and medical conditions, I figure staying nearby would be good, so a big college wouldn't be my thing. As such I didn't bother applying for scholarships, or filling out stuff for colleges because, what good is getting accepted, or getting scholarships, or whatever if well, you have no means of getting there. Scholarships are good and all, but really kinda pointless if you can't get to and from the school, due to being to poor to afford a vehicle and gas.

But a week or so before the last day for seniors I found out there is a shuttle bus in town that goes to Portland Community College, so yeah, if I would of known that sooner I would of been working on trying for scholarships.

Then when I went to the store afterwards, I realized that I was missing 60 bucks, yeah swore it was in my wallet, which was in my pocket since I went to the school at 6:20 last night to get ready, never once left my pocket until I got to the store, so yeah, luckily I had 40 dollars from my aunts/uncles, but somehow losing 60 bucks on graduation night sucks when you are poor.

But now to try and relax some over the next couple days, since all the stress of graduation practice, and trying to not mess up is over with.