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Sep 8, 2006

A few different store exclusives for upcoming media releases...

First up, for the upcoming second Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray and DVD box is a set of bromide prints.

Buyers from Rakutan Books will get prints of MetalGreymon and Zudomon.

Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray and DVD Box 2 are scheduled for release on March 3rd, 2021. The price will be the same as box 1- 15,200 yen for Blu-ray and 11,200 yen for DVD.

Pre-orders are open for the second box at CDJapan: (affiliate links)
Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray Box 2
Digimon Adventuer: DVD Box 2

The first Blu-ray and DVD box are still available at CDJapan: (Affiliate links)
Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray Box 1
Digimon Adventure: DVD Box 1

Then, quite a bit more exclusives for the Digimon Adventure 1999-2001 Blu-ray Box, which we get to see (2) (3) after a bit of a wait from them being announced...


Animate (In store and online)- A4 size microfiber towel featuring the Adventure key art of Taichi, Greymon, and Garurumon


Animate Online (Online buyers also get the towel)- Set of 2 acrylic blocks featuring the main key art from Adventure and 02.


Rakuten Books- Acrylic Stand featuring the main key art from Adventure


Seven Net Shopping- Acrylic Plate featuring the hero vs villain face-off artwork used on the 2nd digipak in the Adventure 02 Blu-ray box


Amazon Japan- A wall scroll featuring new art of Hikari and Taimon from Adventure 02.


Tsutaya Records (some stores will not have it, so in store buyers will have to confirm with their store) and Tsutaya Online- A4 Size Clear File featuring the artwork from the outer box of the Digimon Adventure Blu-ray box.


AmiAmi Online Shop- F3 Size art on canvas of the artwork from the outer box of the Digimon Adventure Blu-ray box.

Digimon Adventure 1999-2001 includes the Blu-rays from prior Adventure and 02 TV & Movie releases in one large box. New art will be used on the box and the discs will have new labels. The disc content themselves will be the same, and the included booklet will be made from re-edited existing material.

The box will be released on March 6th, 2021 (the day before the 22nd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure beginning.)

The price is given as an 'affordable price' for an anime Blu-ray box of this size (but still not cheap), 39,800 yen. This is under the cost of the standalone Blu-ray series boxes that Adventure, 02, Tamers, and Frontier each had (and also cheaper than the standalone DVD boxes the shows had gotten prior to Blu-rays.) More info on the set can be found here.

Pre-orders are currently open at CDJapan. (affiliate link)


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