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Mar 20, 2020
Don't know if this idea has been floated yet, but I think it would be neat to gather all the signals for all the Digimon using the D-com system. Then we could store them into a system like an online Digimon analyzer. Individuals could work to build the site, adding in the signals from different Digimon and devices. The end goal would be to create a full library of all possible connection signals from all possible devices and games. Once that is achieved we could then make a sort of online Digimon analyzer that could help people with Jogress and unlocks in a fun way by allowing cross device compatibility and online connections to other people! Now I know that people could just use the stored signals to "cheat" and we could allow that, but it could also be set up in a more appropriate gameified type of way.

For example if I had a version 1 Digimon pet and a Pendulum 3 I could use the online Digimon analyzer to scan my Greymon from the version one. Then the analyzer would lead me to an information page and unlock all the Greymon signals for all the devices so I could take that Greymon from the version 1 and use it for a Pendulum style battle on the Pendulum 3, or I could use it as a Jogress with Garurumon to get Were Garurumon by using the Jogress signal for a Greymon on Pendulum 5, 5.5, or Zero.

I think that this "cross device" compatibility would be a fun thing to have available. My idea is that this online Digimon analyzer would try to replicate all possible connections allowing for things like storing and combining Digimentals for D3 devices, acting as a connection to the Analyzer toy for the Digivice allowing for unlocks on the Digivice, allowing battle, copy, and jogress even between 2 and 3 prong devices, allowing compatibility between USA and Japanese devices, and providing a way to track the progress of Digimon that you have raised.

I visualize the website having a log in system and storing the Digimon that you have unlocked in visual growth charts. You would see all the devices and select one to see which digimon you have unlocked in the chart. There would also be the option of sending codes to battle, copy, or Jogress with other people online through the Analyzer. As a bonus we could also have information about how to raise the Digimon unlocked once you have scanned the Digimon.

I know that there are some issues where devices give off the same signals and you can't tell which Digimon it is from the signal (for example the special .5 Digimon on the original pendulum) but this could be somewhat rectified by having the user pre-select which device they are using, or selecting the Digimon that they have from a list of the possible digimon that use that signal.

I have no coding experience, and I have yet to make my own D-com. This is just an idea that I think would be really neat to have for everyone. I know the world project is also highly ambitious and somehow I feel that this project wouldn't be much more complicated that that project.

Would love to hear community thoughts on this idea, and I would love to have someone pick up this idea and try to make it a reality!

Thanks in advance!!!