I Am Coverart and Tracklisting, Featuring Appmon ED2


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Sep 8, 2006
The CD is out in a few days, but we finally have more details on I Am!

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The coverart is pretty close to the promotional images they've shown off (likely taken at the same photoshoot.)

I Am is Ami Wajima's first full album.

It features Ai, which is the second ending theme to Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters.

A few of the other songs have been featured in anime also.

In addition to the coverart, we have the full tracklisting. Thanks to garm for the translation.

The tracklist is... (some of these titles are more translated than others depending on how the song titles sounded to me and how they read. The titles in Japanese are listed after.)

1. Monochrome Territory [モノクロテリトリー]
2. Eternal Loop [永遠ループ]
3. Ai [アイ]
4. Please Notice [気づいて]
5. City (interlude) [街]
6. Tokyo [東京]
7. Snowman [スノーマン]
8. Tooriame (new mix) [トオリアメ]
9. Illusion Drive [幻想ドライブ]
10. Kokoro Empathy [ココロエンパシー]

The CD is out February 22nd for 2800 yen (affiliate link below.)

I Am Pre-Order

Ai took over as the ED for Appmon last month. Here is the music video for it...

And if the embed doesn't work for you, the reupload is here.

Previous thread for Ai is here.