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Sep 9, 2006
Alright, well, the majority of you know me, I'd imagine. I finally caved in and decided to do one of these things, although I have no prior experience.

Where to begin?

So if you guys remember, a few months back, I made a topic about my girlfriend being pregnant. Yeah, we've decided to keep it, she's almost six months along. It's a girl and it should be born sometime in early to mid September, rather close to my birthday on the 5th. So we've been trying to think up baby names; we really like Aayla (like Aayla Secura.)

What else is there to talk about?

I finally figured out where I am going to go to college. I signed a national letter of intent to play soccer for Robert Morris College where I will study graphic art. Who knows where I will go from there?

Work sucks, I work at Sam's club. I get more than I would at other places, but I think I still make less than everyone there, and being a cashier is absolutely horrid.

Comic books are raping my bank account because Marvel feels the need to have most everything come out on day, ouch.