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Nov 16, 2020
Hello! Recently I've been visiting the forum quite regularly, so I thought to subscribe.

I'm from Italy, so I apologize if my messages won't be perfectly correct or... weird, I don't know ahah

I'm a huge Digimon fan since I was a child, mainly beacause of the anime and the incredible designs of the creatures. Even if I didn't play any Digimon videogames or Digimon trading card games for various reasons, I tried to collect as much informations as possible about the brand in general in the last ten years. Of course I'm following the new DA reboot and the new Digimon TCG releases, and I'm really enjoying both. I expecially loved DA Kizuna, I think it's a real masterpiece if not my favorite Digimon movie.
I tried to join some Italian communities, but honestly I didn't find many people to talk with at all. This one seems much bigger and it constantly provides any kind of news. I hope I'll continue to like it ^^