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Sep 20, 2020
my name is Masonicon, I was huge Digimon fan since late 2000-early 2001 where back then, my past self loves Digimon Adventure 02 to death and hate any Digimon seasons following first 2 ones(more often than not for it's all new kids and universes) until something opened my eyes to the scrappiness of Digimon 02 and goodness of Digimon season 3-onwards and that thing is: Digimon 02 and it's sequels was the closest thing any other anime-style medium have comparable scrappiness to Current Seasons of Pokemon anime(down to it's lazy worldbuilding) not to mention there's at least 2 ways later seasons of Digimon anime limits their similarities to (current) Pokemon anime: from having non-Digimon life that's made from computer data like Digimon themselves to (occassionally) give Humans superpowers.
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