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Nov 29, 2019
México, Yucatán
I've been checking these forums for a while now and I finally decided to introduce myself. I really want to thank everyone for the useful information that you have provided on several threads , specially MarcFBR and humulos. It's nice to see that so many people share so much love for Digimon, which has been important for me since I discovered it in 1997- 1998 I think, when I saw the first and only V Pet I have seen in person until I got my own just a couple weeks ago with the 20th anniversary english version (I did have a D3 before it though). That was my first interaction with the franchise without knowing it, but I was instantly hooked. Unfortuntely, as far as I know, there weren't V Pets at that time in my country (Mexico) and the girl that brought it to school recieved it from his uncle that lived in USA.

In 2000 (I think) Digimon aired for the first time in my country and it didn't take long before I made the connection of what I've seen years before and the series. It also helped that the same device appeared in the intro of Digimon World. Anyway, I also loved the series as soon as I saw the intro with those awesome kaiju like creatures. From figures to series/movies and many, many games, I have always cherished my love for the franchise. I don't go to anime conventions and I rarely decide to form a part of communities so aside from a couple friends I really don't have many opportunities to share my passion for Digimon (aside from my current girlfriend, whom I introduced to it). I did form a part of the Digimon Unlimited app community for many, many years and still have the app on one of my phones to this day.

English isn't my first language so I apologize if I make any mistakes.