Help in getting Gaioumon in D-Cyber 1.5


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Aug 18, 2020
So in the begining of August I decided to fire up my D-Cyber to finally get an Omegamon X. In my first gen I was able to get GrandisKuwagomon and all the mats i need to get Omegamon X inclusing the Master Tag. Now I am stuck with getting Gaioumon. My current Digimon is DeathX-Doregremon. I fed it all the Meat-L, Metal Rise and Cho-Energy it needs and I have a battle record of 250/260. At Age 6 he has a Full digivolve status but then he just does the dying animation and revives himself and then the digivolve status goes blank.

The first time this happened I removed the batteries so I can start as DeathX-Dorugremon again. But since then I always get thw same results. This is the third time already and I just want him to evolve to Gaioumon. I followed all the requirements and didnt make any care mistakes as far as I know and only feed them when they are not full and only the required food. Any help is appreciated. Thanks