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Feb 16, 2019
Hi, i'm new. Digimon made up most of my most memorable childhood years and memories. The friends i made, the digimon vpet battles we had everyday during lunch breaks at school. Everyone around me in elementary school
owned a digimon or tamagotchi! Even going to other schools as a kid and battling their digimon vpets was an amazing childhood memory.

I used to be on this forum about 12 years ago to chase a vpet i could never attain as a kid, and thanks to someone here, i'm not sure but i think it was BladeSabre or Duke, which i don't know how i even remember...i was able to get
one of the vpets that was pretty much my holy grail. A version 4 digimon vpet! And 12 years later, as i'm typing this now, i have it right next to my keyboard! So thank you Blade Sabre or Duke, or if i am mistaken, whoever sold it to me!

I came back now because i've just ordered one of the 20th anniversary vpets, and it arrives tomorrow! I'm excited to go through this experience, so i'll be here to check topics pertaining to the 20th anniversary vpet.
Thank you again whoever sold me the v4 vpet, 12 years later it's in great condition and is always with me. Sorry i had to sign up again, i don't even remember my old username. Well, whoever read my message, thank you and take care!