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Jan 19, 2020
Perth, Australia
Hello everyone, nice to meet you.

I'll get straight to it.

I used to watch Digimon when I was very little, and then I stopped watching it after episode 44 of season 1, because I was about 4 and Pinnochimon/Puppetmon scared the heck out of me. I never saw season 2 or Tamers on TV.

I saw Frontier on TV when I was around 12, but didn't watch all of it, also saw Savers on TV around the same age, but it was on too early in the morning, and I didn't like it. I watched Digimon the Movie when I was 12, and I've watched it a number of times since, when I was 17/18. I also saw the first three Japanese versions, also the two Tamers movies and one of the Frontier movies (sub and dub.)

Anyhow. I watched Digimon season 1 (dub) again when I was 17, then season 2, then season 3. After I watched them in dub, I watched 02, Tamers and Frontier in sub.
I enjoyed all of them, but since I didn't really have the nostalgia for Tamers because I never saw it when I was younger I wasn't attached to the characters that much, so I don't love it like most other people do.
I still haven't finished Adventure and Savers (subbed).

Watched a bit of Xros Wars in sub and dub, but I'm not really into mecha. Tried watching Applimon.

I watched Tri, and after waiting a couple of years for it to come out following it's initial announcement, I was so hyped. The first movie was good, second was okay, the third was awesome, the fourth was cool, the fifth and sixth were disappointing for me. But let's not discuss any more of that here.

So yeah, I'm hyped for the new Last Evolution movie, and I see there's an Adventure reboot!? It will be cool if it was like the V-Tamer games.

My favourite characters are Ken Ichijouji, Takuya Kanbara, Kouji Minamoto and Daigo Nishijima. I don't really have a favourite out of the OG cast and Tamers. I haven't played many Digimon games, mostly due to me just not being into Digimon for a long time and game availability. I've played a little bit of V Tamers, and Cyber Sleuth. (I'm so stuck on Cyber Sleuth though!) Also All Star Rumble.

Some of my favourite Digimon are, Dorugreymon, Bancho Leomon, Machgaogamon, Burgamon, Cerebumon Werewolf mode, Chaosdramon, Delumon, Diatrymon...

Anyway this has been a long introduction. Thank you for reading!