Has anyone ever designed their independent v-pet? I recently did - I called it the Ver. 2020


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May 17, 2009
Hi, it's been awhile since I posted. I have been following news though. I DO NOT own the ver. 20th anniversary vpets but I follow news on them from time to time.

Has anyone ever designed their independent v-pet? I recently did - I called mine the Ver. 2020

Want to compare notes? PM me.

Read on if you are interested in my personal design:

This list is non-exhaustive.

By "independently developing" my ver. 2020 Pendulum I mean I did not copy from the 20th anniversary but I designed on my own vpet. No, everything is still on paper and I started around 2 days ago. And OMG, I immediately see similarities and differences.

Expanded evolution tree. The 20th anniversary added the characters from x.5 version from pendulums and so have I. Both the 20th anniversary and my design has 4 Ultimate characters. On Wind Guardians I was shocked when the 20th anniversary agreed with me as we both had Aero V, Garuda, Dera evolve into Phoenix. On Virus Busters we both put Omegamon in a separate tier of Ultimate.

Instead of Effort I created a new stat page called Quality. Like Effort, Quality tracks and measures care requirements so you know if you are on track to a certain evolution requirement, especially since it's easy to lose count of how many times you trained. But my ideology is different. My Quality stat page measures much, much, much more than Effort, in the same space.

Because training is only relevant in Child-to-Adult evolutions and useless for the rest of the game, leading people to (what I think) mindless training and wasted time, I included a mechanic to make the digimon refuse training after certain conditions have been met.

Expanded evolution tree. The 20th anniversary did not have the Ancient digimon from Pendulum Cycle. Mine has. I have another tier of Ultimates that I populated with Ancient digimon, alternate evolutions (i.e. Holydramon and Ophanimon in the same egg, same tree), former tier-1 Ultimates from the original Pendulum deemed too great and bumped into tier-2, i.e. Omegamon.

The 20th anniversary had all sorts of Adult-to-Perfect evolutions left/right/front/center/everywhere. If it was accurate lore-wise it was included. I designed mine simplified so only the 7th Adult could evolve to the 7th Perfect. I designed mine simplified so only the 7th Perfect and 1 other Perfect could evolve to the 4th Ultimate. Except on Wind Guardians where there was agreement and parity.

Virus Busters on the 20th anniversary never bother to expand a 7th Adult, 7th Perfect but mine did. I added new characters.

I overhauled the Jogress system because Virus Busters created a headache with Vaccines masquerading as Viruses. Instead of "slots" deemed Va/Vi/Da, I exhumed the legacy scissors paper stone concept of the [Ver. 1-5 vpet] and renaming the slots with "symbols". If Jogress were possible, my stat page shows Type Va at the top like before, but the bottom now shows B O J & — where & can be once of 3 symbols: the megaflame, the glove, the needle. Jogress is now independent of Va/Vi/Da but now dependent on your symbol. This allows digimon of ANY attribute to populate ANY slot but their slot now determines their jogress interactions.


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Oct 6, 2006
I tried to design a V-Pet for the micro:bit, with its 5x5 screen and 2 buttons, but I concluded it wouldn't be good.