Happy New Year 2021! State of the Site and Digimon


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Oct 26, 2017
Folder Continent
Happy New Years everyone! May 2021 be a year of genuine good and strength. I’m praying this is going to be a wonderful year as a whole.

I finally caught up with the Adventure: Reboot and I am loving it. I knew from the first couple of episodes I would enjoy it however I didn’t expect I’d love it this much. I am excited to see what ep 31 brings to the table and it’s a charm to be watching the show while playing with the Digivice: . I’m interested to see how this will all play out.
Will everyone receive second megas/ultimates and if the do might we see a second Digivice: electronic toy?

I am also anticipating a Pendulum Z 3 with a new artbook. Loving my PenZ Wave 1 trio. I’ve also thought that maybe they are using the Pendulum Z to lead into an Anniversary version of the Pendulum Progress and D-Scanner? It certainly be a pleasant treat and I would love itif we got all of the above somehow. My wallet is ready.

I hope Digimon Survive comes out as the developers intended. It sounds and seems to be a very ambitious and memorable project. Hopefully Bandai somehow fixes the VB’s flaws. I’m also dying to finally play the card game in the real world.

And most importantly may this actually be the year of the Digivice 01?

Love and peace to you all.