Hacker's Memory is Out in the US!

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Sep 8, 2006
It's out!

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hacker's Memory is out in the US (along with most of the world at this point.)

After a very short wait from the Japanese release (only a month ago) the game is available for those who pre-ordered digitally on the PS4 (and you can nab it now if you want.)

A few physical copies slipped out early, but will be available in stores properly in the morning (along with copies arriving by mail.)

The Vita version hasn't shown up on the Playstation web store yet, and I don't currently have a Vita to check, but it's worth checking on a Vita itself if you have one.

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Pre-orders and other early copies in stores will include a nice batch of DLC that includes:
Omnimon NX
Crusadermon NX
Leopardmon NX
Inoden School Attire
Beelzebumon Emblem T-Shirt
Summer Camp (P) T-Shirt
V. Uchida Costume
Sistermon Ciel and Blanc

Digital copies include the above, along with a Hacker's Memory system theme. These items should be available with digital copies purchased for roughly a month (we will update with exact details once they make that available.)

For those who want to discuss the game we have a general discussion thread for the game here.

A physical PS4 copy can be bought at Amazon (affiliate link.)
A digital PS4 copy can be bought from the Playstation Store.
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