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Oct 16, 2020
So I've been lurking here for awhile, and I finally decided it was about time I just register proper so I can actually join in on the discussion here. For a brief introduction about myself/my history of the series, Digimon has always been a very special series to me since childhood, and it has a very near and dear place in my heart as a result.

I've been watching the Anime and playing the games since Elementary School, so I have alot of stories to share. I'll admit that I only recently got into the V-Pet side of things with the Ver.20th, but I did play an obnoxious amount of DW1 back in the day for what it's worth, so I still thoroughly enjoy that raising aspect the series is built upon. Looking forward to picking up an English DMX since that seems likely and perhaps a Pendulum Z if they ever decide to bring that over, since importing the V-Pets can be a bit pricey for my budget.

To close this introduction off with some of my favorite Digimon, those include things such as BlitzGreymon (I blame DW1 for making me love MetalGreymon Virus infinitely more then Vaccine, and Blitz was my first Mega on the Ver.20th, so it's special to me), HeavyLeomon, stuff like that. You can probably see a theme here, lol. Huge fan of robots in general, so I really like mechanized Digimon and alot of Metal Empire in general. So yeah, hope we can get along!