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Nov 1, 2020
Is there potential for something really good? I think so. But potential needs to be realized first.
Above all, the basics needs to be present. Characters with actual arcs. An distinct plot going on rather than just random episodic hijinks and stopping generic evil. Just anything with substance.

And since it seems that "kids show" apologists like to jump at the throat of anyone with the gall to demand any sort of standards, here's a little clarification:
That shows for kids can get away with being brainless, plotless, shallow nonsense doesn't mean that they should be excused or even congratulated for cutting corners.
Many of us are here because Digimon did at the very least not take as many "kids are stupid and won't care" shortcuts, because over the years we have seen seasons set promising standards and precedents.
It is justified to expect future entries to live up to those standards.
Once again we are in the same page. I fair this ending being another Yokai Watch...