Ghost Game Episode 53 Profile Art & Episode Behind the Scenes, Toei Museum Clip, Reference Book Updates, & Week Catch Up


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for a weekend batch!


After Digimon Ghost Game episode 53 aired, Digimon Web put up the profile art of Baalmon, who featured in the new episode. The attached message:
Thanks for watching Digimon Ghost Game episode 53 King of Knowledge
Baalmon appeared❗
Various voice actors of 'the Crest of Knowledge' were here in the dubbing.
Just like the King of Knowledge❓😆

A bit more about the episode...

Director Kakudou worked on the new episode, and posted a few behind the scenes details, and photos. (2)

He notes the director is once again Noro, for the 7th time in Ghost Game. Kakudou helped with half the storyboards.
Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto, where the story begins, which he took photos of.
He stopped by Kyoto on his way back from Hiroshima in August to take a few photos. Only a few ended up being used. [It appears he's referring to some of the glamour shots of the shrine, which look similar to the photos.]

Post-script from after the episode...
When Espimon was introduced, the producer noted the second and third Koushiro's were on the show, would it be possible to introduce the 1st on the show, so Kakudou contacted them and got a positive response, so they appeared, even though it was just for a short line. Getting to that point means the guest Digimon that appears should be Tentomon. It's about knowledge.
With Akira Ishida, it's like a reverse of the scene from the dubbed version of The Batman. [This is referencing that Akira Ishida, Kiyoshiro, played The Riddler in the Japanese dubbed version of the recent 'The Batman' movie, while Takahiro Sakurai, who guested as Baalmon, played Batman in the film.]

And regarding trips...

The Toei Museum showed off the Digitama and Digimon footprints that have been part of the current museum since it opened. They noted that many more people are following them due to them being part of the lead to a current temporary entrance.

This week we also got a few reference book updates...

Zanmetsumon (EN)
ShinMonzaemon (EN)

Plus we finish with catch-up from the week!



The Vital Bracelet BE & Digivice VV are out and there were plenty of things happening...
A bunch of previews of the new devices, plus an interview!
The Vital Bracelet Arena App is out!
MonMon Memo continued the series of trying to train a Digimon, and also showed Adventure mode.
From pre-orders going up at a shop, we have details for the Angoramon BEMemory, plus a look at his Ultimate!


Card Game updates!
We have clean images of the parallel cards from BT-12, plus a printable playmat of the anime heroes!
A ton of EX-04 previews! (the link goes to the most recent, which has an index.)


Precious GEM updates! Omegamon is getting a 2023 version with some color differences, and WereGarurumon is getting a Precious GEM!


A new Digimon Journal highlights Agumon, Arresterdramon: Superior Mode, & DarkKnightmon.


Black Friday sales are in full swing, and there are plenty of Digimon deals!

Not a bunch for the holiday week, but some fun stuff.


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